Fashion Model fitness & diet Tips

fashion model fitness

We must understand that the models do not end up on magazine covers just by sheer coincidence. Since they have a reputation to hold, they have a whole bunch of rules, sacrifices and guidelines to follow. However, this does not mean they starve themselves to death. In fact, the job of a nutritionist is very important here as he/she will expect you to follow a similar eating pattern and fashion model exercise routine. So lets us get inspired by some of these divas of the fashion model fitness world and see how they manage to stay so fit –

fashion model fitness
  1. Adriana Lima

Known for her flawless beauty, Adriana Lima follows a strict protein-rich diet and stays fully devoted to a very challenging training regime. Her diet is based on liquid meals on the day of her shows. The shakes contain high-quality protein powder along with vitamins, minerals and powdered eggs. She exercises every day and on the day of her shows she hits the gym twice with her personal trainer. Check out her Instagram for some fashion model fitness tips.

  • Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, the catwalk favorite, is popular for her slender physique but not many people know that she loves carbs! Yes, she loves having pizzas, ice-creams and burgers. And to burn off the extra calories, she works really hard in the gym. Her 1 hour gym routine that she follows daily include boxing and squats among others. So if you want to like her, you need to spend a great deal of time at the gym.

  • Naomi Campbell

She is a living proof that age does not matter when it comes to looks. She maintains her flawless figure just by following a few basic rules. Her diet mainly consists of vegetables, meat substitutes and pure vegetable and fruit juices. However, she indulges in mild form of exercises like Pilates and attends Zumba classes occasionally. She believes in detoxification to stay slim and fit.

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