8 Effective First Date Tips to Make a Great Impression

first date

The first date can mark the beginning of a new era in your life, or it can be just another awkward meeting that you can’t wait to get out of. While there is no surefire way to steer things in the direction you want—some relationships are just not meant to be—you still want to give this new acquaintance the best chances of developing into something more.

You only get one chance at making a great first impression, so you probably want to go the extra mile to present yourself in the best way on your first date. While you shouldn’t go as far as appearing like a different person, you should still pay attention to a couple of things to ensure things will go smoothly. Here are 8 tips for a first date that results in a second.

Plan something fun

A first date can be as simple as a quick meetup at a coffee shop, a laid-back brunch, or just a walk around the park. While these are certainly foolproof first-date locations, no one says that you cannot think outside the box and make the day a bit more memorable. Doing something more interesting might help you both to loosen up the tension and feel more comfortable around each other while having fun. What do you know about your date? If both of you are art lovers, a visit to a gallery or museum might allow your personalities to shine through faster than a sit-down dinner.

Practice good etiquette

Poor etiquette is a sure way to make a poor impression on the other party. So, pay attention to these details and make sure you’re polite at all times. Get ready early and be on time: being late is a great way to get the date off on the wrong foot. Be nice to the staff—this will tell more about your character than your words. When the time for paying comes, offer to split the bill. However, if your date insists that they pay, don’t be stubborn but let it go.

Converse with interest

The first date is what allows you two to get to know each other. Generic topics and generic questions will hardly really say anything about you as a person, and your impression will remain lukewarm. So skip the boring clichés and share your interests. Pay attention to what your date has to say and try to find common topics. Make eye contact while conversing to show they have your attention and you’re actively listening. Resist checking your phone: it’s rude and really kills the mood.

Don’t be too reserved

To open up the way between the two of you, it’s important that you are open. Be direct but don’t overshare. Your date doesn’t need to know everything right away. After all, if things go well, you’ll have plenty of time to talk the next time and after that. While some people need to be reminded not to overshare right on the first date, others are naturally reserved and take more time to open up. However, try not to be too reserved as it may come off as cold and uninterested.

Charm them with your looks

Whether it’s your looks or personality that will ultimately win your date over, everyone draws conclusions based on appearance. You want to charm your date as soon as they first see you, so going the extra mile to look dazzling is recommended. Schedule an appointment at an organic hair salon in Sydney and refresh your hairstyle. It will not only make you look amazing but also feel amazing. If you wear makeup, try a couple of different looks for the occasion and choose something natural-looking but irresistible. However, if you don’t wear makeup, keep it light: you don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

Pick the perfect outfit

The next item on your agenda will be picking the perfect outfit to catch the attention of your date. Now, there are a couple of things to take into account and common style mistakes to steer clear of. As we stated multiple times, it’s important that you feel comfortable. This applies to your outfit as well. While you shouldn’t dress too casual, keep the meeting place in the weather in mind when browsing clothes. Don’t overdress or show too much skin—you don’t want to make the wrong impression.

Be confident!

It is often said that confidence is the best thing one can wear, and there is definitely truth in this. Your date might forget the color of your dress and other details, but with a confident disposition, they will remember your personality and the impression it made on them. If you feel comfortable, it will be easier to act confident.

Relax and be yourself

Finally, this date is supposed to be fun, so try not to sweat it too much! If it’s not meant to be, working yourself up over the details is just wasting your energy. If it’s meant to be, your date will be able to see past any mishap that may not go the way you wanted. Just relax so your real personality can shine through, and don’t try to impress your date by acting differently than you do normally. That won’t work in the long term anyway.

Hopefully, these tips will be of great help to turn this first date into the beginning of a relationship. Good luck!

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