Unique Styles For Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you want a style that will stand the test of time. Classic styles might be more popular, but when you go with an out-of-the-box pick, you know its chic look will be everlasting.

If you are looking for a more unique style for your engagement ring, read on.

Celtic Engagement Rings

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A Celtic engagement ring is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to choose a ring with some history behind it. Celtic engagement rings come in several styles, from the Celtic knot ring to the Celtic trinity ring, each style with its own symbolism. The Celtic knot ring symbolizes two interlocking hearts, where the Celtic trinity ring represents the three life cycles of a woman’s life concerning the moon’s phases.

Typically, a Celtic engagement ring will feature diamonds, though other gemstones can commonly be found – especially emeralds. Your Celtic engagement ring can be personalized to your specifications while also being imbibed with the rich history its style is drawn from.

Colored gemstones

Traditionally, an engagement ring features a diamond as the center gemstone. However, a colored gemstone can really elevate an engagement ring. A colored gemstone can tell a lot about you as a person – a ruby can show you are comfortable being the center of attention, a sapphire can show you are a deep thinker. Or, you could even go for a black diamond. A black gemstone would indicate you are bold and love to be ahead of the curve.

Choosing a colored gemstone is a simple way to make your engagement ring unique. It shouldn’t be too much more expensive but makes you stand out from the crowd.

Vintage designs

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More than ever, we are turning to vintage clothing, appliances, and hairstyles for fashion. Why not bring that style into your engagement ring? There are plenty of great vintage designs to choose from when picking out an engagement ring.

Looking back at engagement rings throughout history, there are definitely some out-there picks. The first thing to do is narrow down what era you want to choose from – each era has a distinctly different look.

Some popular vintage styles come from Art Deco (1915-1935), which favored dramatic shapes; Art Nouveau (1890s-1910), which favored intricate designs; and Edwardian styles (1910), which look delicate and light on the finger.

Floral designs

Inspired by the Art Nouveau period, floral designs can provide a unique look for your engagement ring. Floral imagery can come with a lot of symbolism, so your engagement ring can look beautiful and be meaningful at the same time. A rose can represent love, while a daisy can represent new beginnings.

Depending on the floral look you choose for your engagement ring, colored gemstones can be worked into the design, making it extra unique. These types of engagement rings are often incredibly romantic due to the flowing lines and curves that are often absent in the traditional engagement rings.

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