5 Tips for Styling Men’s Dress Shirts

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The key to having a fashion sense is all about finding the right pieces. The next step after that is knowing how to wear and style those pieces. If you can nail down these two, you can be the most well-dressed man on the block.

So how do you nail down good styling? Let’s start with the piece that every man should know how to style correctly: a dress shirt. Dress shirts can be worn casually and formally, so they’re crucial to have a good fashion sense.

Check out these five tips on styling a dress shirt like a pro.

1. Keep Color In Mind

Color is key when it comes to personal style. It’s not only about the colors you like; it’s also about the colors that look good on you. Take some time to figure out your skin’s undertones to get an idea of what shades complement you.

It’s safe to start with neutrals like shades of white, grey, and black. Next, add a little color with your most complementing shade of blue. Then add more colors depending on what colors compliment your skin tone.

2. Consider the Pattern

To pattern or not to pattern, that is always the question. You’ll want to have primarily solids or subtle prints that make creating outfits easier when starting. Think thin stripes and small polka dots.

If it’s within your personal style, you may want to consider adding candy stripes, checker print, gingham, and florals to your wardrobe as well. Keep up with the fashion trends to see what prints are in style for the season.

3. Get the Proper Fit

The one thing that can make a great shirt look frumpy is improper fit. You want your dress shirt to accentuate your best features without looking too loose or too tight.

Dress shirts often come in a slim fit, regular, classic, and big and tall. Pay attention to areas like the shoulders and waist. You may even want to look into stores that specialize in dress shirts for muscular guys or tall and burly guys.

4. Understand Cuff and Collar Style

Cuffs and collars can communicate style and occasion. For cuffs, popular styles include French, round, and square. Popular collar styles include a spread, tab, club, and pinned.

Some cuff and collar styles are more formal than others, so be sure to research what the most appropriate option is. Similarly, how you wear your cuffs and collars—buttoned vs. unbuttoned—communicates style as well.

5. Know Your Materials

Lastly, you want to understand shirt materials and the best times to wear them, particularly for the occasion and the weather.

More formal materials such as a twill or silk might be suitable for dress clothes for occasions like a wedding or a date night. In contrast, casual materials like cotton might be better for everyday outings.

Also, consider the weather and the breathability of the fabric. Cotton and chambray are two lightweight fabrics that are great for the summertime. Flannel and corduroy are better for colder weather.

Styling Men’s Dress Shirts Like a Pro

If there’s one item every man should have in his closet, it’s dress shirts. These pieces are easy to style for casual dinner dates and fancier nights on the town.

But knowing how to style them is what sets those who have men’s style apart from everyone else. Use these tips to choose the right dress shirt and style it in a way that will have heads turning.

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