Choose the Perfect Ring with Some Expert Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

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You are about to get engaged and there is much happiness, ecstasy, and excitement in the air. Everything seems rosy and romantic but amidst all the excitement, you need to buy an engagement ring for your life partner. It involves considerable expense so it is a good idea to do it right. You may be thinking of shopping around with your love, it pays to keep a few crucial factors in mind before buying an engagement ring.

Give Top Priority to Shape

You must determine precisely what you are looking for in terms of the shape of the diamond. Different shapes or cuts are supposed to be priced differently. Each diamond would be involving a different cost per carat. Experts recommend round cuts that are supposed to be the most costly while marquis and pear-shaped diamonds are less expensive. If you give more priority to size, you could obtain more carats at an affordable price when you opt for a relatively less costly shape. You must know precisely what shape your partner is fascinated about. The shape should be given priority over the 4Cs of a diamond that includes the Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. The shape of a diamond would be indicating the geometry of the precious stone.

Choose the Best Metal

Today, you could choose from a plethora of interesting metals. Platinum seems to be pretty popular since it is pure and durable. It is hypoallergenic and seems to be a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin issues. Gold is forever a favorite choice for many and today, you could not only choose from a host of attractive designs, but you could also choose a gold ring that comes in different colors including yellow, white, rose, green, etc. You may opt for the fashionable Tungsten rings if you are looking for an engagement ring that would last you a lifetime. The durability and strength of tungsten as a metal simply cannot be matched by any other metal.

Always Opt for a Certified Diamonds

As per, your engagement ring certainly is one of the most costly purchases in your lifetime. Hence, you must shop smartly and make the right choice and end up buying the dream engagement ring. Always focus on buying premium quality jewelry. You must invest in a certified stone that is presented to you by a reputed and accredited lab like the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. It is a wise decision to purchase only certified diamonds. You must examine the store’s return policy before buying the engagement ring from there. You must ensure that they would allow you to exchange the stone. Always shop safe and buy from reliable and renowned chains.

Remember It Could Take around Six Weeks

You must keep in mind that after placing the order, a custom-designed engagement ring could take around six weeks to be ready. If you wish to engrave something inside of the engagement ring, do not forget to request such an inscription at the time of placing your order to the jeweler.

Conclusion: Negotiation Is the Key

Engagement rings could be marked up pretty well. You must do a lot of research before you start looking around for your engagement ring. Be ready to negotiate a lot. Remember a good jeweler would always be ready to work within your pre-determined budget so that you get the top-quality engagement that serves the purpose pretty well.

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