TSA Approved Fragrances to Pack for Your Next Weekend Getaway

TSA approved fragrances

With the world beginning to slowly open back up, the idea of traveling is back on the table for many. And while that is extremely exciting, packing for trips is not. Sure, if you start early enough, your outfits and accessories may be in good shape. But when it comes to packing beauty products, the struggle is real! If you travel often then you’re probably aware, that the legal product weight for a carry-on is 3.4 fl oz. Which doesn’t seem like nearly enough room for essentials like hair mousse, perfumes, body oils, etc. And while there are many travel-size hair and body products, there seems to be a shortage when it comes to our favorite fragrances.

So, we have curated a list of some scents that you can bring on your next flight with no issues, and will leave you smelling like a million dollars. From scents that smell like a freshly bloomed garden, to perfumes that bring out your alter ego, there is a fragrance for every person, mood, and event.

Check out this list of a few of our favorite TSA-approved Fragrances that you need to have with you on your next weekend getaway. You might just find your new favorite scent!

1. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum

Awaken your seductive side with this perfume from Yves Saint Laurent. Inspired by edgy, bold women, this perfume hits every note with ease. With a fragrance profile including, black coffee, white flowers, warm vanilla, and spicy gourmand you will be engulfed by a cloud that is not only sweet and soft but modern and captivating wherever you end up.

2. B Fragranced Embellish Perfume Rollerball

Express your femininity with just one roll of Embellish by B Fragranced. Infused with sweet notes of sparkling peach, honeysuckle, soft amber, and citron this sweet perfume contains every characteristic of a classy, glamourous and sophisticated woman. And its long-lasting wear will ensure your ability to entrance anyone in your presence.

3. Sol Cheirosa ’62

Instantly transport yourself to a vacation on a warm, sandy beach with just a few sprays of Sol Cherirosa ’62. Bold notes of pistachio, salted caramel, jasmine petals, and vanilla come together to create an experience that is almost synonymous with paradise. Made with the golden sun of Rio in mind this perfume screams summer, warmth, and all the relaxation that comes with it.

4. Princess by Killian

“I don’t need a prince by my side to be a princess.” This game-changing scent by Killian is the confidence booster that every woman needs and will leave you feeling fierce and untouchable. Matcha and spicy ginger are the stars of this uplifting fragrance which work to boost your demeanor and keep your head high, and crown on straight!

5. Repliica – Flower Market by Maison Margiela

Floral lovers will appreciate every detail of this scent. Layers of tuberose, freesia, sambac jasmine, and Grasse rose create an illusion that you are strolling through a beautiful, fresh garden that you’ll never want to leave. Wear this fragrance as your signature scent or on special occasions, but don’t leave it out of your routine!

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