Treat Cavities Naturally at Home


Who is responsible for cavity formation?

Every individual’s mouth is a busy place, and it had various microorganisms and bacteria constantly moving on teeth, lips, gums and tongue. Bacteria presence in the mouth is common in every human, but the presence of harmful bacteria which destroys teeth is very dangerous. This harmful bacterium is responsible for the formation of cavities and tooth decay.

These bacteria attach themselves to the thick hard outer covering of the teeth called enamel. If one does not remove them regularly, they accumulate and multiply in number leading to the rapid growth. Along with the bacteria, the proteins present in one’s saliva mix up and leads to the formation of thick, white, filmy substance on the tooth which is called plaque and this is a prime most factor for the formation of the cavities.

One can easily understand whether he has a cavity by checking for the following symptoms.

1. Toothache
2. Severe pain when biting down
3. Sensitivity to heat, cold, and sweets
4. Black spots or small visible holes on the teeth.

If one suffers from tooth decay, there are many home remedies to follow at their comfort without rushing out to a dentist.

1. Black tea bag compress: Black tea is rich in astringent tannins, and this helps in reducing the inflammation and severe pain that is caused during the cavity formation. One just needs to soak a tea bag in a cup of Luke warm water and need to place the bag on the affected region of the tooth for about 5-10 minutes. This action is repeated by removing excess amount of water from the tea bag and can also be repeated regularly for better results.

1. Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal is yet one more effective remedy for fighting tooth cavity. This charcoal is created from a regular charcoal and especially used only for medical purposes.  Activated charcoal is believed to help the body in getting rid of toxins. It has been used widely for skin cleansing and teeth whitening. Activated charcoal can be used to remove toxins from the mouth which are causing cavity and decay. The Activated charcoal is also used in the manufacturing of many kinds of toothpaste due to its medicinal properties. Brushing teeth with activated charcoal can not only help in getting whiter teeth but also in abolishing plaque, and bacteria colony formation. The activated charcoal is also believed to promote the formation of enamel which helps in getting stronger teeth.  Hence, this is extensively used by people to treat their cavities.

1. Vanilla essence: Vanilla essence is one more unconventional home remedy but is said to offer great relief from a toothache which has been caused due to the cavity formation. Vanilla essence comprises a small quantity of alcohol which works as a natural painkiller. It anesthetizes the affected area of the cavity and provides comfort without any pain.

It is always advisable to meet a dentist at least once in a month and get regular clean-up of teeth. This cleaning flushes all the food debris accumulated between the teeth and also removes the bacteria that gets deposited. If not brushing teeth twice in a day also helps in preventing the tooth decay and helps in better health of teeth.


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