Reasons to opt for a staycation for your next holiday


Each year when the summer season rolls around, the vast majority of us flock overseas, in search of a new and exciting holiday experience. Despite the popularity of travel abroad, there’s plenty that an at-home vacation has to offer us. In fact, by opting to stay local, you’re likely to see your home country in an entirely new light – and experience endless thrilling adventures that you never knew were possible so close to home. Coming up, we take a look at just a few of the many reasons you might want to opt for a staycation for your next holiday.

See your home in a new light


The truth is, however long you’ve been settled in the place that you live, you probably haven’t experienced all that there is around you to see and do. Once you’ve set up a home, it’s pretty common to leave the local attractions for tourists to enjoy. While we may want to bypass the long queues and pricey tickets, this unfortunately means that we tend to miss out on experiencing some of the most beautiful natural wonders and historical sights that sit right on our doorsteps.

Experiencing local cultural delights doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the travel experience altogether. By opting for a staycation, you have the opportunity to travel to a part of the country you’ve never been to before, often allowing you to experience a new landscape and climate, and even new foods – just the tantalising experience that you would expect from a holiday abroad.

Be kind to the environment

Air travel is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to harmful CO2 production, making a staycation the perfect option if you’re wanting to take a more sustainable holiday. In fact, not only will you save on harmful emissions while travelling to and from your destination, you’ll also be more likely to travel on foot or even bike while you’re there, as generally, we tend to gravitate towards more reliable taxis and forms of public transport when we’re in a foreign country.

To take your eco-friendly holiday a step further, you may want to consider exploring local artisans who make their goods using local produce – this way, you can guarantee that your souvenirs have a lower carbon footprint. You could also opt to swap a hotel stay for a more sustainable option, such as a camping trip or caravan stay.

Save on expenses

It’s no secret that, depending on your chosen destination, travel abroad can cost an arm and a leg. As a result, many of us find ourselves saving up year-round for just a couple short weeks of respite each summer.

Fortunately, when you opt to take a staycation, you’ll often find that your costs are cut – and many of the items that you would usually need to spend your money on no longer need to be purchased. For example: no plane tickets to purchase, or expensive checked luggage.

Whether you’re hoping to simply cut down on excess costs or take a holiday on a budget, there’s always options to suit your needs. You may want to think about which parts of your country are more affordable areas, as well as where you can find the best hotel and travel deals.

Give back to your community

It’s a great feeling to contribute to your local economy and do your bit to boost tourism in the area. When you choose to take a staycation, you not only get to have new experiences, save money and the planet – you get to further connect with your community, and feel as though you’re truly giving back and honouring the place that you call home.

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