Four Tips on Choosing an Outfit for Your Driving Test

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If you’re about to take your practical driving test, then what to wear is probably not your main concern. However, once you are sure that you’ll be able to drive to a high standard and have a good knowledge of all the ‘show and tell’ questions that you could potentially be asked at the beginning of your test, what to wear should be an important consideration since it will help to determine how comfortable you are for the duration of your driving test. The last thing that you want is to spend your test distracted because of shoes that are rubbing your feet or jeans that are pinching you! We’ve put together some top tips to help you choose the best outfit for your driving test.

Tip #1. Make a Good Impression

Although it’s important to be comfortable during your driving test, you’ll also want to make a good impression on your examiner when they meet you for the first time. Whilst your driving ability and knowledge of theory (see for a selection of great theory practice tests) will impress your examiner more than your outfit, dressing smartly will help you come over as professional. So, even though comfort should be paramount, wear something that’s smart-casual; tracksuit bottoms, for example, are best avoided.

Tip #2. Opt for Stretchy

Leggings or jeans with a stretchy waistband that allow for ease of movement are comfortable yet can also look quite smart, which makes them the perfect choice of bottoms to wear for your driving test. Remember that you’re going to be sitting down for the duration of your test, so it’s best to avoid items of clothing such as jeans that may pinch or be restrictive in that position since this could become a distraction for you on the road and divert your attention from your driving.

Tip #3. Safe Footwear

Perhaps the most important part of your outfit when taking your driving test is the footwear that you choose. Since you will be using the pedals throughout your driving test, you will want to avoid wearing any kind of shoes that could become a hindrance, for example, sandals or flip flops, or shoes with a high heel. Ideally, you should have already determined which pair of shoes you are the most comfortable wearing whilst on your driving lessons. Trainers or flat shoes are a perfect choice since they have a sturdy sole. A good idea is to get used to driving in one particular pair of shoes and wear these ones for your test since you’ll be used to how it feels.

Tip #4. Accessories

Lastly, when taking your driving test, accessories are going to be an important part of your outfit. The one accessory that you should always take along with you is a pair of sunglasses; even if it’s not sunny when you head to the test centre, the sun could always come out later and you will be grateful for them. Glare from the sun can seriously restrict your view of the road, which could impact your ability to pass your test.

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