Top 5 Trends That Will Change The Pace Of Lifestyle In 2020

digital nomads

Lifestyle is simply the attributes of a person’s way of living. These include subjective behaviour in response to income, habits, hobbies, interests, opinions, and activities.

The study of these attributes is necessary for creating a generalized persona, often referred to as a buyer persona. These attributes can help brands predict market response to any product or service.

Alternatively, brands make use of these lifestyle trends to design new products.

If you are wondering what would be the next trends that rage the market, here is a list of top 5 trends that should rule the lifestyle arena in 2020:

1. Digital Nomads

With the growing population and diminishing options for settling, people are turning towards a nomadic lifestyle. And with the power lent by digitalization, these nomads no longer need to struggle for their survival.

The year 2019 has witnessed a huge surge in make-shift homes and RV blogging. Looking at the inclination of the coming generation towards travelling and exploring their surroundings, digital nomads are certainly trending in the year 2020.

2. Organic Farming

The world is becoming a dangerous place. Pollution and waste disposal are some of the biggest issues disturbing world leaders. In response to the growing problem of waste disposal and chemical hazards, people are worried about their health.

Thankfully, with the awareness about organic farming, people are turning towards less harmful products. You can start your own organic farming right in your kitchen garden. It’s that easy.

3. Healthier Alternatives

Health concerns are being raised at an alarming rate. New diseases and ailments are being discovered and the quest for their symptoms, causes, and treatments have also begun.

Simultaneously, consumers are also choosing smarter alternatives. For example, the growing awareness about carcinogens present in cigarette smoke has popularized vaping. And to cater to the demands of market Red Vapes range of tobacco e-liquids is trending in Europe.

According to leading manufacturers of vaping equipment and accessories, the market size is expected to expand by another 22% in the year 2020.

4. Automated Learning

World leaders in data sciences have already come up with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Google with its Google Assistant, Amazon with its Alexa, and Apple with its SIRI are revolutionalizing the flow of information.

Considering the pace of voice searches being made, and the relevant data that is optimized to match results, developers are coming up with automated learning innovations. Automated learning is surely making its way into the year 2020.

5. Eco-Friendly Produce

The majority of consumers no longer prefer to buy products which harm the mother nature. People are choosing paper bags or plastic, reusable containers over disposable ones, and energy sources that revive themselves.

There is no doubt that the future for eco-friendly products is sure to boom in the year 2020. And young entrepreneurs to enter the market are sure to rule the next generation of this planet.

Lifestyle is not just the way you dress or how you act, it is the choices that you make. Choose your move with the trend, and you’re sure to be trending yourself.

Photo by David Potaczala on Unsplash

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