How Jewelers Appraise Their Jewelry

It’s always an exciting experience to buy jewelry. Each piece is beautiful on its own. People love the way that these gems sparkle under the light.

But what is the real value of jewelry? Is it based on looks, or is there any other way to determine its worth?

This is why jewelers will often have appraisals available for customers. Jewelry isn’t only considered as a decorative ornament. Many people also view it as an important investment.

It’s helpful for jewelry makers or jewelers to have appraisal services available. Several diamond Vancouver jewelers have appraisal services for their clients. Appraisals aren’t only useful in sizing the worth of the jewelry. They are also used for insurance purposes.

This begs the question of “How do jewelers determine appraisals?”

Is there any special equipment to do this? Do they need certifications to be able to appraise jewelry of all sorts? Do appraisals help with the business at all?

There’s only one way to find out. Continue reading below to see how jewelers make life easier for their customers.

What Do Appraisers Do with Your Jewelry?

Certified gemologists are the ones who carry out appraisals. They qualify for the job and can tell you if your jewelry is useful for insurance purposes. Learning about jewelry such as diamonds helps you understand appraisal value more.

Appraising jewelry won’t be complete without reliable appraising tools. Yes, there are special tools that assist in determining the value of the jewelry. It may look like the jeweler is only looking at a microscope, but it’s more than that.

Appraisers need a precision microscope, appraisal forms, and digital calipers. Some even use jewelry envelopes, testers, sorting pads, and “segregators” to do the job.

Why Appraising Your Jewelry Matters

Are you on your way to buy a Vancouver diamond ring? Why not have it appraised as well? It’s easier nowadays to get appraisals because jewelry stores will offer the service.

What’s the point of getting appraisals?

Jewelry premiums are what you pay to maintain coverage. These prices depend on the value of the jewelry. But sometimes, you have to check whether the value is right or not.

Oftentimes, if there is an overinflated value, you pay more for insurance. If it’s undervalued, then you have an underinsured jewelry piece. The latter is also problematic since you’ll have to cover added costs out of your pocket.

So why should you have your jewelry appraised? This is to help get the right insurance value for it. Losing a piece of jewelry or its repair and replacement depends on the appraisal value.

  • Appraising your jewelry gives you a proof of ownership.
  • Appraising jewelry on the regular updates its current value.
  • When your jewelry gets stolen and recovered, appraisal records can show that it is yours.
  • When selling your jewelry in the future, appraisal records determine its present value.

Can Pieces of Jewelry Have the Same Value?

There are many varieties of jewelry like how diamonds have different kinds. You can find natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds that you can buy from a diamond Vancouver store or any jewelry stores. Different types will also show different values when you appraise them.

Appraisals for diamonds have grown in demand in recent years. This is why appraisals are also vital to business. Customers would rather go to jewelry shops that offer consultation with jewelry experts. It’s time to know your jewelry’s worth! It’s time to value them for what they are.

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