Active vs. Passive Lifestyle: Benefits and Drawbacks of Both Cases

We are usually told how important it is to be active. Normally, this means sport, participation in different events in an effort to enjoy life to the fullest. Of course, it is good if you find such a lifestyle fit for you.

However, people are different, so as their understanding of comfort is. With a growing pace of life, it is now wrong to say that an active lifestyle is an absolute good for everyone. Passiveness also has its benefits.

Students at college are usually pushed to be more active. They study, work, and even participate in several extracurricular activities. Some of them really enjoy this busyness while others may find striking a balance hard.

Sometimes, due to their active lifestyle and several different occupations, students lack time to complete their educational assignments. It is good that specialists from a are always there to help.

However, the truth is always in the middle. A passive lifestyle is not an absolute evil. A human body needs rest, and it requires us to slow down from time to time to refill powers and strength. Thus, let’s take a closer look at active and passive lifestyles to find out what lifestyle is better.

Active Lifestyle: Benefits

An active lifestyle helps you really engage with the world. You become a participant rather than a passive observer. It enables you to make new friends, develops your communication and social skills, drives you further to new heights, and brings you closer to success.

An active lifestyle usually entails playing a leading role in all your projects. You seek for more and you drive progress towards whatever you are dealing with. At the same time, you are committed to learning. New knowledge helps you avoid boredom. It also brings you closer to the accomplishment of all the goals and objectives that you set.

People with active lifestyles do not have time to criticize or complain. They are capable of sincere admiration of the achievements of others as well as have the strength to give an honest opinion. They are future leaders rather than followers. They are determined to make a difference and drive changes.

Active Lifestyle: Drawbacks

Despite all the admiration that surrounds an active lifestyle, it still has some drawbacks. Many people feel that they have to live up to somebody’s expectations. They choose an active lifestyle without being really fit for it. They push themselves too hard to achieve more. Thus may lead to exhaustion.

An active lifestyle is impossible without sport. However, some people find it really hard to run marathons, play basketball, swim, etc. They feel like there is the need to go the extra mile and prove something to others. However, there is no conventional definition of an active lifestyle.

Everybody can define what makes their life active and happy on their own.

Passive Lifestyle: Benefits

However, if a person learns to balance active and passive, they reach an absolute comfort. With our lives being so fast, we have nothing else than to follow the stream. We try our best to catch up with all the tasks and assignments that are due.

However, our bodies are not machines. Our minds and systems require reloading and have a fresh start sometimes. Sometimes, we need to slow down to collect strengths and produce more later.

People need to understand that a passive lifestyle is not an absolute evil. Not everybody can be equally active. Some find it more comfortable to stay introvert and enjoy solitude.

At the same time, passive lifestyle does not affect a human ability to create. People who have found peace in living their fascinating lives slower than others may be a lot happier than those who try to catch every opportunity they see.

Passive Lifestyle: Drawbacks

Passiveness is taking over our lives, and we refuse to notice it. The way we get entertained is truly passive since we mostly spend our time in front of the screens.

We willingly accept all technological advancements that actually push us further from being in control over information flows. Moreover, we passively fill our mind with problems and concerns we should not even be aware of.

Moreover, a passive lifestyle drives us far from a healthy diet and nutrition. People become clumsier and slower, sometimes feeling indifferent about the world surrounding them.

They are more vulnerable to destructive thoughts and misunderstandings of the world’s reality.

Final Words

The main message of this article is to make readers stop seeing active and passive lifestyles as black and white. Being busy is great because it can lead a person to measurable achievements.

Active people are usually good at communicating, have many friends, and can find an approach to different people. However, passiveness is sometimes needed to relax, have rest, and regain strength.

A passive lifestyle is not bad, as well as an active lifestyle is not entirely good. The best and the healthiest lifestyle is the one that balances activity with passiveness.

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