Top 3 cheap dresses in the bohemian style

bohemian style

If you ever been to Ibiza you probably come across the gypsies, travelers, hippie influences. The Bohemian style is trendy and comes back every season known for a casual look, bright colors and prints. It’s one of my favorite styles because its colorful and you can mix and match it easily with accessories. It’s flattering to almost any figure.

By now I’m sure you are in need of some bohemian style inspiration, I made a top 3 of my favorite bohemian dresses. You might wonder where the style comes from. In the 19th century bohemians lived a non-traditional way of life. They didn’t care about social norms and dress whatever they like. It’s also associated with the hippies from the 60s. Nowadays it’s a style that anyone can wear. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be expensive there are cheap dresses too in this style! You can find a lot of these dresses in one of my favorite online stores, click here to visit Fashionmia.


Pair one of these dresses up with a hat or floral headband and tie a knot in the middle of your hair. You can also braid your hair or wear a braid belt. As long as you feel free to express yourself you’re doing it right! Self-expression is the main idea behind this style. Wear clothes you feel good in and don’t be too much influenced about what others say and visit here for more cheap dresses.


Self-expression is also the main idea behind the bohemian clothing style. Wear clothes that make you feel good instead of wondering what the opinions of others are. The best thing is that there are a lot of cheap dresses available in this style so you don’t have to worry to break the bank.


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