How to Embrace the Structural Jewelry Trend


Between wide-leg pants and menswear-inspired shoes, bold silhouettes are back like never before. This fall’s jewelry, which takes on the statement-making attitude of the season, offers another way to stand out. Chunky, structural pieces made with unexpected materials like glass and richly colored stones take on a life of their own, adding visual interest to just about any look. While many brands continue to embrace this stand-out trend, only a precious few carry pieces that look both interesting and effortless—a difficult balance to achieve.


One brand that successfully walks the line between bold and refined is idonthaveasister. Creator and designer Alexandra Purcaru, makes pieces that push the boundary between jewelry and architecture. The Black Cigar Necklace, for instance, has a unique asymmetrical shape that defines the neckline.  Like all of Pucaru’s designs, it’s handmade with traditional Murano glass. Martellato, a process of blowing and hammering the glass, forms the unique surface and adds another layer of interest to the necklace. By blending such a strong shape with a neutral color and elegantly curved lines, Pucaru creates a look that is simultaneously eye-catching and understated.


Pucaru’s commitment to making a unique product shows throughout her process, from design to production. idonthaveasister hand-makes its product with a 13th century glass-blowing technique in the heart of Murano, Venice. The process itself, which ensures slight variation in each piece, inspired Pucaru to create the name—since no two designs are alike, they don’t have a sister (or a brother). Indeed, each piece looks like one of a kind. For instance, the Via Lattea Gold Bangle, inspired by the Milky Way, resembles a star-filled night sky. Made from clear blown glass and filled with flecks of gold, this piece snakes around the wrist, making a glittery statement that also looks refined.

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