The art of living well: luxury on a budget

redefine luxury

Luxury, by definition, can put a strain on your wallet. But if you want the extravagant life without the dollar sign, try these strategies to welcome luxury into your life.

Redefine luxury: If you’re hoping to live life on a private island, you’re going to be constantly disappointed. Take your time to think about what kind of luxury you want in your life. Perhaps you need a positive environment or delicious healthy food. Make your definition of luxury into the things that will make your life happier and better.

redefine luxury

Make delicious food yourself: Eating out is expensive, and while going out to eat every once and a while can be a treat, making delicious food a daily part of your life will instantly add luxury to your lifestyle. Not a great cook? Learn! There are plenty of videos and courses to take, and you can even sign up for a meal kit delivery service that brings all the ingredients and directions right to your door.

Have elegant dinner parties: Once you’ve learned to cook, take some time to set up an elegant dinner party. Just having a reason to decorate your house and get glammed up can bring more luxury into your life, and the lives of your friends! You can even have a potluck style meal to distribute the cost of the food among everyone.

Recreate the spa experience at home: Spas are the ultimate form of luxury, but are often expensive. Bring the spa to your house and redefine luxury with some bath bombs, rose petals, and an invigorating face mask. Integrate a home spa day into your weekly or monthly schedule to add peace and luxury to your life.

redefine luxury

Add plants to your home: Fresh plants add the feeling of newness to your home. Walking into your house and seeing a bouquet of flowers or a thriving fern will brighten up your day. Opt for flowers from your grocery store if you have money to replace them every so often or go for a potted plant that will stay fresh year round. You can even get slow release plant waterers so you don’t have to worry about tending the plant every day.


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