The Must-Visit Temples of Delhi


India is a land of religiosities, and one will always notice the threads of faith which spread out throughout its land. Delhi is the throbbing heart of the country is equally painted in the different colours of religions which have taken root in India. Even if you’re a non-believer, these ancient places deserve a visit for the appreciation of their cultural and artistic features. So, if you have flown in from a Varanasi to Delhi flight, you might feel at home in the murals of Delhi’s temples – which are adorned with an equal sense of piety and history. Interested enough? So, here is a list of all the temples you must see in Delhi for completing your visit in this land of “Dilwale” people:

  1. The Peaceful Lotus Temple

Recognised globally as the most visited building in the world, the Lotus Temple is living proof of the multiculturalism of Delhi. Moreover, keeping to its image, it’s open to one and all despite their culture or religion. So, if you’re looking for a calm and serene sight for your sore eyes, the Lotus Temple is the place you should visit.

  1. Chhatarpur Temple – the Meeting Site of Two Indias

Strolling in the wreckage of Qutub Minar? You might want to see this temple before you leave. Located at a mere 4 kilometres away from the Minar, the Chhatarpur Temple is a classic mixture of the North Indian and the South Indian colours. Spread over 60 acres of land, you can visit this temple of Goddess Katyayani for its Vassar architecture and latticed stone carvings.

  1. The Gripping Temple of Durga or Kalkaji Mandir

Probably the oldest in Delhi, the Manokamna Siddha Peetha (the place where all desires are fulfilled) or Kalkaji Mandir is linked to a history which travels back to over thousands of years. So, if you’re traveling by the Delhi Metro, you might want to visit this temple for seeking the most divine blessings of strength and prosperity.

  1. Guinness Record-Setting Hanuman Temple

An equally old and reputed temple, the Hanuman Mandir sanctifying the atmosphere of Connaught Place comes with its bunch of stories. However, if you are not the one to fall for fantastic mythical tales, you can visit the place for witnessing the chants of “Sri Ram, Jai Ram” which have been going on since 1st August 1964. They are promised to continue to till eternity. The giant coloured statue of Lord Hanuman which has become a characteristic of the area will give you a spiritual feeling like nothing else.

  1. River Touching Akshardham Temple

The 141-foot high and 316-foot wide Akshardham Mandir is a relatively new temple with accounted history. It attracts a huge number of visitors each year because of its finest collection of Hindu architectural murals. Moreover, the drifting Yamuna at its feet is yet another reason why tourists flock this place. So, if you’re longing for the experiences, you had before your Varanasi to Delhi flight and looking to find a place where humanity and nature unite – this temple is the abode for you!

Still wondering where to begin? Do not pre-plan and let Delhi take you over on its own terms. Just pack your bags and follow this list for an enthralling trip of the other side of Delhi which is often missed against the modern face of the city. Since these religious centres stand proof of the deeply spiritual heart of its people. Moreover, as the common saying goes, one can never get enough of Delhi for in every layer of its identity. There is a multitude of hues to explore – so keep travelling!

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