6 Mind blowing temples you have to visit once in your life


With exciting history, antiquity, breathtaking architecture and spirituality, here are 6 breathtaking temples you absolutely have to visit once in your life.

  1. Tiger lairs (Buthan)

With three paths leading to this sacred place and steps carved into the very rock, Paro Taktsang is a Buddhist temple located high in the mountains, on the edge of a 3000 ft cliff. The legend says this monastery was chosen by a tigress, who carried o her back guru Padmasambhava. This beautiful monastery of white buildings and golden roofs with Buddhist details, unique location and a mesmerising view from the monastery complex offer an unforgettable experience.


  1. White Temple (Thailand)

With its white, gorgeous, unique architecture, decorated with fine details which all have spiritual meaning and encourage visitors to contemplate, expressive figurines and statues, White Temple looks like a place from a dream or a fairy tale. Wat Rong Khun is a Buddhist temple that takes a breath away and no wonder it is one of Thailands most visited attractions, as such architectural masterpiece can be found nowhere else. Visit Skyskanner for the cheapest tickets to Thailand!

  1. Dambulla Cave Temple (Sri Lanka)

Golden Rock Temple or Dambulla Cave Temple is Shri Lanka’s spiritual treasure. The caves with their antique history that goes far into the beginning of Buddhism are an important part of Sri Lanka’s history. This place radiates serenity and peace, it is a fine example of Singhalese Buddhist art and definitely a place to visit at least once in a lifetime.

  1. Gawdawpalin Temple (Myanmar)

Built in the 13th century, Astonishing Gawdawpalin Temple is located on the scenic planes of Bagan. It is the second largest temple there and is a must visit Burmese Temple, as the whole area is all about peace and serenity, with its unique architecture and scenic scenery. This Myanmars historical heritage offers unforgettable spiritual experience.

  1. Temple of Heaven China

This famous landmark is a Taoist temple and an unavoidable stop when visiting Beijing. It was built in the times of great Chinese Emperors and a place where emperors of dynasties Ming and Quing held their spiritual ceremonies and became sons of heaven. The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is the largest and the most fascinating in the complex, but the Circular Mound Altar and the Imperial Vault of Heaven will take your breath away.


  1. Vishnu Temple of Srirangam (India)

Great Srirangam temple is located on the small island and with its 21 gopurams and seven concentric walls it is the largest on in the largest temple complex in India, among its many fascinating shrines. It is one of the temples which represent planets, representing Venus. Its detailed architecture and size are definitely hard to forget and make this place a must-visit.

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