The Most Popular Sunglasses Designs in 2020

Regardless of your personal style–be it preppy, sporty, or goth–stylish sunglasses are a great way to spruce up your look and take it from plain to perfect. Designs and fashion trends are always shifting but there are some sunglasses that are popular because they look good no matter what the current fashion fads are.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular sunglasses that will be carrying their fame into the year 2020. Watch out for awesome brands like Dragon, Ray-Ban, and more that have a legacy for quality, aesthetics, and function. Keep reading to see how you can keep your sunglasses fashion-forward this turn of the century.

These styles will look great and add elegance to your collection no matter what you’re in the market for. Maybe you’re just looking for new sunglasses to add to your collection or maybe you’re looking for a new staple that will be your signature style throughout the year. Keep reading to find out more about these new shades and how you can get your hands on them!

BRAND: Dragon

As a brand, Dragon prioritizes supplementing customers who lead active lifestyles with the best eyewear to stand the rigors of the sun, snow, sand, and water. Their high-functionality sunglasses give you excellent eye protection from particles and UV light. They’re designed to have a good grip, ensuring that they stay on even when you’re biking, kayaking, or mountain climbing. Below are some of their designs that we’re sure will be a hit this coming year.

Fame Black with Rose Gold Lenses: This is one of Dragon’s latest releases. The design features square lenses that are reminiscent of 80s music videos, conjuring fresh, young vibes. They’re oversized but not so much that they would get in the way of your activities. They’re also in a very versatile shades, meaning they’ll look amazing with your laid back beach outfit and they’ll also look great when you’re wearing them to a meeting where you’re decked out in a blazer and slacks.

Fame Jet Black with Gray Lenses: The black frames give this youthful silhouette a classic spin. The gray lenses lend gravitas to this design, making it perfect for days when you’re feeling a bit more serious. They’re perfect for city walks because they can go with a lot of officewear.

Fame Woodgrain: If you like the glamour and nature-inspired vibe of classic rock, then this model is for you. It combines the rustic feel of woodgrain with the modern shape of the Fame sunglasses. These are perfect for events and summer days spent lying in the sun.

Remix in Green Nebula: How do you feel about wearing shades at night? Not all designs can pull that off but with this chic, electric design, you’re sure to be ready for a rave where the neon lights will be blazing to trendy music. This single shield-type lens conjures a futuristic vibe that’s perfect for scene stealers.

Remix in Copper Marble: This is a more classic alternative to the Green Nebula. If your aesthetic is more in the ballpark of classic elegance, then this earth-toned beauty is for you. Look perfect in a summer dress or while attending a music festival in the coming months!

BRAND: Carrera 22

Although relatively young, Carrera 22 is a great sports sunglasses brand. They recently re-booted their classic design of the same name, consequently revamping the brand itself. If you love the sporty but sleep look, make sure to give Carrera 22 by Carrera 22 a try.

BRAND: Le Specs

Since 1979, Le Specs has been specializing in elevating what it means to be chic by providing a wide range of classic designs. What makes them different than most premium sunglasses brands is that buying a pair won’t set your wallet on fire. Even the most stylish of their sunglasses weigh it at under $100 per pair. Find out more about them below!

Tweedledum: These make a perfect pair “everyday” sunnies. Their minimalist, rectangle style makes them perfect for going with corporate attire. Wear these on your lunch hour or when you’re in transit between meetings and get ready for a billion compliments!

Master Tamers: Black, classic wayfarers are always in–no matter the year or season. They’re always hip and trendy because they go with everything. If you don’t have a pair of these yet or have been unsure about whether or not to invest in a pair, do yourself a favor and pick up a pair this year.


Otis sunglasses are an Australian original. Born out of Sydney, this brand prioritizes casual wear and the surf lifestyle. Their most popular design is the Young Blood, a pair of sunglasses that take your classic wayfarer to a whole new level.

Think Raybans except with an elegant twist. They do these classic sunglasses in six colors–the most popular being woodgrain, which features a unique finish to the frames. You can take these versatile shades from beachfront to office building in no time.

BRAND: Rayban

It isn’t an article about sunglasses if it doesn’t mention Rayban. From Aviators to Wayfarers, Rayban sunnies are still at the top of the trends and will continue to stay there for the years to come. Established in 1937, Rayban has been providing quality eyewear that’s both stylish and functional.

Next year, in particular, we’ll be seeing a rise in three particular styles. See our quick takes on them below:

Erika: This classic, oversized style conjures visions of Twiggy in all black and Jackie O heading down the runway in a stylish trenchcoat. This is perfect for the ladies looking to put together daily elegant ensembles to match every mood and every occasion.

Chris: This is the men’s version of the Erika–it’s more masculine in style because of the angular edges and metallic finish. This is perfect for me who want to upgrade their overall look in the coming year.

Clubmaster: Rayban’s signature wayfarer design, the Clubmasters are going to be very popular amongst those who are just beginning to collect sunnies. These are the sunglasses equivalent of a vintage Mercedes–it might cost a pretty penny, but it will definitely be worth it.

Now that you’re fully equipped to check out next year’s trends, make sure that you head into the new century the right way. Click on over to Great Southern Sunnies and check out all of these designs!

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