5 tips to improve your life with bio-hacking


Got no idea what bio-hacking is? No worries, it is a relatively new term and is just catching on but it is worth knowing about as it can have life changing effects. Bio-hacking is simply the act of bringing simple changes to our lives to improve our body’s physiology. Everything in our environment: from the food we eat to the thoughts we put in our mind, has an impact either positive or negative. It can have a major or minor effect, on our bodies and one can bring simple changes in such things to create a positive change. And they don’t cost a penny!

Morning cold showers

This may seem really stupid but just hear me out, I know it won’t be easy or pleasant, but it will be rewarding. In the morning, when you’re enjoying your warm shower and the stream is pouring over your head, turn it to cold. You won’t be able to stand it for more than a few seconds and you’ll shiver. Do this again the next day and then the next, until you can stand it for half a minute or more. What this does is to stimulate your cells to produce more mitochondria (powerhouses of the cells) and hence a more energized body and brain.

Intermittent fasting

We all know that whatever we eat affects us but another factor to be considered is when we eat. When we go to sleep, our body goes through eight hours without food. But if we skip breakfast, it’ll be like fasting. Since our body was supposed to produce enzymes for digestion, which it won’t since we skipped breakfast. It will produce enzymes to cleanse our body and to digest stored fat. This will help in cleansing the body and losing weight.


Figure : Source: https://www.bulletproof.com/diet/intermittent-fasting/intermittent-fasting-guide/

Bio-hacking Raise your bed

This may feel a bit odd at first but if you raise the head-side of the bed using bricks (placed under the bed). It will help freshen the brain. The brain dehydrates at night and loses its fluids which is replaced with a fresh one, inclining the bed will help drain off that fluid. With all of its toxins and wastes this will freshen your brain and brighten your day.

Avoid bright lights during the night

Night time is dark and tranquil for a reason – it is meant for resting. Our brains are functioned to perceive sharp light as daytime and it is vital to get a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed and invigorated in the morning. So turn off all lights in your bedroom and in case you wake up at night, try using your phone’s screen (at lowest brightness) as a source of light – but try not to point it at your face – this way when you get back to bed, you won’t lose your quality sleep.


Being grateful to all the things we have no only makes us a better person, it also makes us healthier. So why not start a journal. In which you write down three things you were grateful for each day that went by or better. Why not discuss these points with family members? It will reduce stress levels and make your life happier and healthier. Reply in the comments what bio-hacking tips helped you to improve your life!

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Figure : Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/719309371705741724/

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