Dealing with sun damage: 4 ways to rejuvenate your skin

All of us want perfect skin that looks flawless every time we step out of the house. This might be achievable naturally during our teenage years, but as we grow up, our skin also gets damaged by the various stressors in the environment. One of the biggest issues that one deals with is sun damage. Did you know that more than 80% of visible aging is caused by stepping out into the sun? All the dark spots on the skin react to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. do not worry, we have talked to quite a few experts about how to deal with sun damage, here are some of the main tips.

Use sunscreen religiously

Most of the ultraviolet rays (almost 95%) make it to the Earth’s surface and then on our skin. Even if the sky is cloudy or there is no visible sun, these rays still reach our skin. Some people do not go out in the sun at all, but this is no solution. The real solution is covering up smartly, especially with sunscreen. You need to use enough sunscreen to help prevent signs of aging. A lot of treatments for spots make your skin more vulnerable to the sun, which is why sunscreen is all the more important. Use a broad-spectrum SPf of at least 30.

Use azelaic acid

Sure, prevention is always better than cure, but you do have some options for reversing sun spots. You should know that you have to commit to using sunscreen as this can make your skin more sensitive. Azelaic acid can help reduce any marks or blemishes left over by acne or sun exposure. It slows down the production of melanin (that produces pigmentation). This is an amazing thing to use for anti-aging and anti-acne. A ton of research has even shown that it has antioxidant properties and suits the skin more than tretinoin.

Try a recovery facial

Facials are far more advanced these days. The best one to get that uses the most cutting-edge technology is a recovery facial. This will help deal with issues such as melasma, and even sun spots. If you feel like your skin has lost that charm and you are unable to change your environment, facials at Dream Spa Medical will enable you to maintain your skin’s integrity. This can easily be used with other modalities to help you get the best skin that you can have.

Try Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for getting rid of those pesky dark spots that just won’t go. This is a super ingredient that has a ton of antioxidants and can repair existing skin damage. Your skin’s structure will also be rebuilt since it induces collagen production. This protein makes up your connective tissue and is responsible for your skin feeling tight and bright. This is a great thing to add to your daily skincare routine if you want to protect yourself from sun damage. You need to make sure that your face is covered with SPF before stepping out into the sun if you use this regularly.

Sun spots and damage are quite a mess, and it can be confusing choosing a way to deal with them. Use these tricks to help you get flawless skin in no time.

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