The Most Instagram Worthy Destinations along the French Riviera

If there is just one location in the whole of France that is my top pick for a summer holiday or time out during the winter, it has to be the French Riviera. If you want my recommendation, you have it already.

The Cote d’Azur as it is popularly called is along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, that’s a big part of the Southeast of France. The number of coastal towns in this region, the harbors with plenty of yachts, the beaches and the resorts all make for a wonderful view. It is not just a view you want to experience, it is something that you would love to show to others as well. Without a doubt, you want to show your Instagram followers what a beauty of a place you are spending your holiday. The French Riviera does have a lot of Instagram worthy places and essay writers at top essay writing service have made a compilation of many of these places.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

This is popularly known as the Pink House. It is a pink house by the seaside that was built by a rich French socialite during the early years of the 1900s and is located at the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. It is practically impossible to mention two photo-worthy places along the French Riviera without mentioning Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. There is a musical water fountain just behind the villa and the balcony at the top of the villa is where you get the most beautiful view of the fountain.

There are nine luxurious themed gardens surrounding the villa with each one of them pictures perfect and worth exploring. Not to mention the rose garden and the walkway lined with bamboos.

If you are looking to exploit the beauty and creativity of the house, the best time to do that is in June during what is called the “Painter’s Day.” On this day the villa is opened up to artists for painting. You could find inspiration as a creative tool.

Menton Coastline

The town Menton is the border town between France and Italy. This is a very colorful and beautiful town but you only get the best views when you walk through the beach’s coastline. Once you find your way to Quai Imperatrice Eugenie, you can look at the beautiful and colorful building around the coastline. Taking a stroll through the pavement to the sea make good positions for some Instagram worthy selfies.

Chateau De La Chevre d’Or Gardens, Eze, France

If you want to get some medieval vibes in the southeast of France, your best bet to find it is in the ancient town of Eze. Eze, a small town at the top of a hill with walkways made of cobblestone. You are also sure to get the most unparalleled Mediterranean Sea views looking from hilltops in this town. The art and imagery in this garden can only be described as exceptional and you need to be there to capture this by yourself. You will definitely feel like you were in medieval times. There are many perfumes of shops in these gardens offering you different views, with friendly cats walking past you.

Not only are these gardens beautiful and exotic, but they are also unique. These gardens also have a number of animal statues, as well as a chessboard with life-size. The greenery around the garden is also one that reminds you of the beauty of nature’s green life. Watching the sunset from this garden is such a beauty to behold as well.

Place Massena Square, Nice, France

One of the most beautiful square to be at along the French Riviera is the historical Place Massena Square. Some of the picture-worthy attributes of this square are the red buildings, floor made of checkered tiled, and the fountain as well.

This square area is surrounded by nearby shops and a nearby park that has a mirrored floor at the center sprouting water to the surface. This makes for a beautiful view but much more there is also the fun activity of trying to run across the ground without getting wet from the water. So, you will be having fun while also taking beautiful shots for your Instagram.

Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo casino is a very famous casino in Monaco. It is not only famous for the activities that are carried out inside of it but also for its beauty, so much that it featured in movies by the James Bond franchise. To really take in the beauty and opulence of the casino, you should consider touring it in the daytime. This will afford you the opportunity and time to see through the lavishly decorated rooms in the casino with the glistening chandeliers and masterful paintings.

There is a reason this is the most popular casino in the world. Be sure to not miss out on the marble décor at the top.

Yachts in Monaco

The coast of Monaco is known for just one thing – wealth. The number of yachts and the beauty of the scene makes it an outstanding view. If you are in France for a vacation, you should definitely visit Monaco and take a trip to the coast which is its epitome of wealth. There is no way that you will not be in awe at the sight of these jaw-dropping yachts. There are only a few views that are more memorable than that of a white yacht coasting through the deep blue sea. If you add this up with the colorful homes that are around the town, you’ll realize how much glamour and beauty that you have around you.  

Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Nice

Russia is known to have some of the best architecture in the world with its eye-catching buildings. While we are talking about some of the best photo destinations along the French Riviera, we can’t but mention the Russian building on this axis. The St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Nice has one of the best architecture typical of Russia in this area. This turquoise and orange church is built close to the city center and is known as a national monument of France.

To put this into a historic perspective, the French Riviera and Russia have a close connection that dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The nobles of Russia often visited Southern France that led to the establishment of a railway connection between Nice and Moscow in 1864. The Orthodox cathedral was built in Nice after Tsar Alexander II visited and fell in love with the city. You are bound to fall in love with the city as well.

Promenade Des Anglais

There is a likelihood that some of those photos that you came across from Nice, France were from the Promenade. This is a gorgeous 7km walkway just by the side of the beach. An article by assignment writers Australia in their write my paper platform shows the exquisite housing and hotels in the area (you can be sure that any building with sea view will definitely have its price to it). On the other side of the walkway is a pebble beach strip that has now become a mosaic of public and private beaches. 

There’s also a road section known as the Quai des Etats-Unis, just after the Promenade towards the foot of the Castle’s Hill.

This walkway is a common spot for both tourists and locals that loves to take a walk through the boardwalk while admiring the sea just around them. If you’re looking for one of the most Instagram worthy places along the French Riviera, then you can’t miss out on the Promenade.

Le Vieux Nice

Le Vieux is a maze of alleys and narrow cobbled streets in the old town of Nice. If care is not taken you might get yourself lost in this area. But that would be a good thing, right? You get to see all of the beauties in the area. Cours Saleya is the name of the Old Town’s main street and this street has a daily market of very colorful flowers except on Mondays when there is a market of fleas instead of flowers.

This area is also full of restaurants, bars, cafes, and a lot of fine shops. If you need to take an evening stroll in the south of France, or you are in need of a place where you can take a relaxed lunch or a night out, you can’t look past the Le Vieux. This place is commonplace for tourists to visit, so it can get really crowded.

The Pebble Beaches

The pebble beach is a popular feature of Nice. This beach extends all the way from the port to the airport and makes a very fascinating view. The pebbles are called galettes but they are grey stones that have now become a well-known part of the history of Nice and also make the popular azure sea more beautiful giving it the vibrant color it has today. These galettes are so much that you do not have to worry about coping with the sand on the beaches following you everywhere from the beach. On the flip side of things, it can be difficult to walk towards the sea on the pebbles or worse still, relax on the beach with stones lying all over.

But if you want to enjoy the beach as the locals do, you should get a fold-up beach mattress to make your trip to the beach a more comfortable one. If you have more to spend, then you can rent a chaise lounge at a private beach. Whichever way you decide to go about it, you are sure to grab some Instagram-worthy pictures.


The French Riviera is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are so many places along the French Riviera that are more than worthy of your Instagram pictures. When you take a trip to these places, just be sure to take your camera or phone along.

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