Tips on Cooking with CBD Oil

Since it appeared on the market a few years ago, cannabis-based products have become much debated. Science speaks in favor of cannabidiol, a substance found in cannabis. It does not have psychoactive action like THC, which belongs to the same group of elements called cannabinoids.

The differences between THC and cannabidiol are listed below:

The benefits of CBD oils are numerous. What makes this product especially valuable is the safety of use. The risk of adverse effects is low, and the possibility of overdose is almost non-existent. That is why this supplement can be used by healthy people who want to prevent diseases and improve the quality of life.

One of the questions is whether it is possible to use this ingredient in cooking. Putting CBD oil in meals can be an excellent way to take your regular dose of cannabidiol. All kinds of cannabis-based edibles are already available on the market. Also, it is possible to use CBD oil in food preparation at home, but with specific rules.

Don’t Use It for Frying

The fact that cannabidiol is on the market in the form of oil does not mean that it can be used for the same purposes as any oil you use for cooking. Don’t use this oil for frying, baking, or any heating at high temperatures.

On direct heat, this cannabis derivative loses its beneficial effects. Also, the tincture gets an odd, bitter taste. If you already need to heat cannabis-based oil, you can use it to bake or poach eggs or vegetables at low temperatures. Make sure that temperature is not higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not Everyone Likes the Taste

People still consider CBD exclusively as a remedy. More on the benefits of this product, read here. Those who are not yet familiar with the possibilities of this tincture think that it is only necessary to take your dose of cannabidiol and get over with it. They are usually not thrilled with the grassy taste of CBD oil.

For that reason, many don’t even want to give this product a chance in the kitchen. But, with the right combination of flavors, this new taste can make your food a delicacy. If you do not want the aroma of cannabidiol to prevail, you can always mask it with intense spices or herbs.

Use CBD oil as a finishing dressing for salads. Or put a drizzle of it over the fresh herbs on pasta or pizza. You can make bruschettas with tomato and mozzarella and then pour this oil mixed with oregano and garlic over them. Make pesto, mayonnaise, aioli, or any other cold sauce. Other ingredients, such as lemon or vinegar, do not affect the action of cannabidiol.

This product is most acceptable in meals that already have some fat in them. Use healthy fats, such as butter, mashed avocado, or olive oil, in your meals whenever you can. Cannabidiol binds well to fats, which increases the absorption of this ingredient.

Make the Difference between Pure and CBD-Infused Oil

For a long time, people who have been using cannabis-based remedies know how to distinguish these two products. Those preparations labeled as CBD-infused contain lower concentrations of cannabidiol than pure CBD tincture. That makes a significant difference between these products, so always read the label well before the purchase.

Low concentrations of cannabidiol are not desirable if you use this substance as an adjunct therapy to treat a disease. Cannabidiol-infused oils are better for cooking because their base is the fat that can be heated, such as olive, sunflower, or grapeseed oil. These products are more user-friendly than the pure tincture. But they don’t have healing properties.

Effects Will Take a While

When you take cheefbotanicals CBD oil orally, the effects are noticeable after a few minutes. That happens because there is a network of capillaries under the tongue that will lead CBD to the bloodstream quickly. If this method of administration is not acceptable to you, but you want to take your CBD dose through food, you have to wait for the effects.

Even though you add pure CBD tincture to your meal, it enters your body in another way – through the digestive tract. Since the digestion process begins in the intestines, it takes a long time for the active ingredients to reach the bloodstream and act. If you need the immediate effect of this remedy (in case of a panic attack or sudden pain), do not mix it with food. Just take a few drops sublingually.

The possibilities for using CBD oil in cooking are slightly limited. If you already use a high-quality tincture of this cannabis derivative, don’t waste it on kitchen experiments. Use this product for preparing meals only if its aroma is acceptable to you.

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