The More The Merrier- Does it Work in The Case of CBD Consumption?

While mostly everyone finds delta 9-THC more intriguing because of its euphoria, CBD is particularly popular for its therapeutic potency. Why? Because it is non-psychoactive. Surely, you might have heard a million times now. But no matter what condition you have, if you are not following an adequate CBD dosing regimen, it might not work for you.

Why do we say so? Please scroll down, and you’ll find out!

CBD Dosage: What Does Research Suggest?

Studies clearly show that CBD has significant potential in managing and treating a plethora of medical conditions. However, in terms of dosage, it is pretty different for medical conditions. For instance, if you consider epilepsy, scientists confirm that it was beneficial for children when given high doses.

In fact, a daily dose of around 600 mg reduced the seizure frequency by about 35%. While you might find this greater dosage by opting for Weedsmart deals online, many conditions require remarkably less dosage for effective potency. For example, anxiety, pain, or other disorders require lower doses to reach the effective potential.

But how to decipher the correct dosage for yourself?

It turns out that if one wishes to achieve CBD’s medicinal efficacy, they might have to stick to a particular dose range. Scientists call it “Goldilocks Zone.” Surprisingly, this zone varies from one disorder to another.

So, how can you find yours? Let’s find out now!

Ideally, the amount of CBD depends on various factors like body weight, the type of condition, body chemistry, the concentration of CBD in different forms. In other words, there are many variables when deciding the final CBD dosage.

This is why experts suggest talking to a doctor before finalizing the final dose. Remember to stick to their recommendation. But on a general note, it is good to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it.

Once you have figured out your Goldilocks zone, the next step is to calculate the dosage depending on the type of product you choose.


CBD Dosage- The Calculation

If you choose products like gummies, capsules, or pills, it will provide you with the amount of CBD you’ll get per serving. For insurance, you can check the packaging and see the amount of CBD per capsule.

However, if you are using CBD oil, you are more likely to get it into a dropper bottle. You should check the amount of CBD you get in a single drop. From there, you can break down your final dosage for your respective condition.

But the same rule does not apply to every CBD brand. Sometimes the packaging specifies the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. In that case, you can follow the following calculation.

Suppose you get a 10 ml CBD oil bottle. With the bottle containing 200 drops and every drop around 0.05mL, each drop will contain 5mg of CBD (If the entire bottle contains 1000 mg CBD). So, if you wish to go for 20 mg CBD oil, all you need to do is go for four drops, and you are good to go.

Wrapping up

It’s worth remembering that research around CBD is still going. So, you must follow industry trends to know more about its dosage and the product that will help your day-to-day activities.

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