8 Pieces That Define Italian-Girl Style

Italian-girl style

Just like New Yorkers and the French, Italian girls are fashionistas in their own right. They have their own unique take on personal style and focus on embracing femininity in a way that makes women feel comfortable and confident. To celebrate their uniqueness, we’re looking at eight pieces that define Italian-girl style.

Feathers for a fantastic dose of drama

A big part of adopting an Italian-girl style is reaching for pieces that are daring, bold, and dramatic. Feathers are pretty daring and bold, to be honest. The feathery look is amazing when rocked on the runways, but pulling this look off IRL may seem quite challenging. However, if you take a walk around Milan, you’ll notice that Italian women are successfully honoring the feathery trend. Whether in the form of tops, coats, or heels, they’re impeccably combining the trend with their everyday, classic style.

Bold animal prints to add an edge

Speaking of daring fashion moves, another way to embrace the Italian-girl style is by dressing in bold animal prints. Whether it’s a satin leopard dress from MODA fashion collection or statement-making leopard headbands or earrings, animal print screams ferocity. Needless to say, it’s the perfect way to give that oomph to an outfit. While leopard and snake print look bold and edgy on their own, Italian women like taking things a step further. They’re often pairing bold animal prints with even bolder high heels, thus taking the trend to the next level.

Pops of pink to warm up a cold color palette

Italian-Girl Style

Photo by Flaunter on Unsplash

Another thing Italian women seem to do a lot these days is they add pops of pink to their outfits. Scroll through Instagram feeds of Italian girls and you’ll notice they like to pair bold, warm tones with cooler ones. They’ll rely on cold tones such as blues, whites, and grays to set the foundation for their outfits. Then, they’ll introduce statement-making pops of pink in the form of pumps or blazers to spruce things up a bit. This vibrant, feminine hue results in an intriguing pairing and makes an otherwise cold color palette – you guessed it – pop!

Mini skirts as a go-to piece for going-out looks

This next piece in many a Italian girl wardrobe is nothing short of daring, either. Mini skirts, in essence, are stylish items that offer versatility and style, and are key pieces in going-out looks. One particular way Italian women like to wear this daring and stylish item is by combining it with feather tops. They also like to coordinate their minis with their shoes and sometimes even blazers to achieve a more cohesive look.

Maxi dresses as effortlessly chic summer essentials

While mini skirts are a definite go-to for a night out in town, maxi dresses are an everyday summer staple. They’re perfect for when you just need something to throw on and get going, and Italian women know this. Long, white maxi dresses are ideal for that Roman goddess look, but Italian girls also like to experiment with prints. Also, they’ll often combine their “beach gowns” with a pair of irresistible strappy sandals for that extra oomph. Which brings us to our next tip…

Strappy sandals as stylish summer must-haves

Photo by Cleo Vermij on Unsplash

While strappy sandals do make the perfect duo with long maxi dresses, they also work well with other summer outfits. This stylish shoe trend can be easily worn with skirts, shorts, flared pants, and even three-piece suits. A combination of style and comfort, strappy sandals are Italian girls’ best friend when it comes to summer evening walks. Go monochromatic, try color-blocking, or mix and match hues from different color families. Just make sure that your pedicure is just as immaculate as your summer outfit combo.

High-high heels – the higher, the better

Flat strappy sandals, just like leather loafers, are ideal for walks, but Italian women just can’t resist high heels. Regardless of the length of the hemline, Italian girls will always reach for a pair of high heels when possible. Most of the time, they’ll be high-high heels – not kitten heels, not pumps – we’re talking platforms and stilettos. Of course, they need to be high-quality ones, and ideally, classic. Italian women place quality before quantity, which is another important thing that defines their style.

A quality designer bag to elevate a plain outfit

Last but not least, Italian girls love a great designer bag. As with shoes, they’ll often choose to invest a bit more if that means getting an item of higher quality. Designer bags are ideal for elevating an otherwise plain outfit, whether it’s a simple maxi dress or a blue-jeans-and-a-white-T-shirt combo. Whether it’s a tote, a handbag, or a clutch, a high-quality (and ideally, neutral) designer bag is sometimes the only accessory you need to put the perfect finishing touches and spice up an outfit.

Wrapping up

It’s easy to see why the street photographers and the whole world are so enamored with the Italian-girl style. If you stick with these tips, you can easily replicate their fashion style and give your outfits the Italian flair.

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