5 aspects of holistic health that can transform your life for good!

holistic health

Being healthy is one of the most important goals of your life. And it isn’t that daunting as it looks. Taking healthier foods, drinking more water, exercising, spending time with family are the factors that can serve you a wholesome life.

But due to our fast paced life integrated with a sedentary lifestyle, we have forgotten to prioritize self-care. More than half of the American population is leading an imbalanced life. At the same time, only 6.7% of Americans practice self-care every day.

For instance– consider stress in your life. It’s a psychological response your brain transmits to unpleasant moments. It’s an emotional condition, but it also includes physical symptoms, such as headache, chronic pain, and trouble sleeping. When you take allopathy medicines, they only target your symptoms, while the actual root of the problems remains unnoticed.

But when you take charge of your holistic health, it can transform your life tremendously. It can directly cure or ease the root cause of any disease. In holistic studies, the healing power of a person lies within them. They just need to stimulate it. It’s a process of healing a person by considering the five dimensions of life — Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Mental.

So, here are the practices of life that can help you improve all five dimensions of life!!

Physical dimension

Physical fitness is the first factor that comes to mind when someone thinks about health.Surprisingly, only 22.5% of the US population truly met the guidelines of a fit and active body. When you opt for supporting your physical fitness, below are the key points you need to practice.

  • Take at least 8 hours of sleep every day.
  • Eat a whole lot of nutrient-dense diet.
  • Maintain the level of blood sugar in the body.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day .
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Emotional dimension

Often overlooked, the emotional wellbeing of a person is as important as physical. If not measured on time, it can come up with physical health issues, such as chronic pains and heart diseases. Lack of emotional care and support can reduce the lifespan of a person.

Here are the ways to improve your emotional well-being.

  • Seek emotional support from your loved ones or take professional therapy. The medical experts can help you track your emotional well-being with their “holistic services”. Their treatment can support your emotional health and track the emotional injuries you’re dealing with. They also provide solutions to the person’s emotional complications.
  • Practice mindful activities that help reduce your stress.
  • If you find no one to talk to, pick up a journal and write everything down about what you’re feeling.

Social dimension

According to the studies, the happiest people are those who have great bonds with their friends, families, and people around them. Being socially involved makes a person feel confident and active.

But unfortunately, more than 15 million Americans are dealing with social anxiety. Many of them feel trouble explaining their feelings, even with the closed ones. This cut-out can make you feel lonely and drag you into depression.

These are the ways to build a better connection with society–

  • Build in-person connections with people. We may feel confident on social media, but virtual connections don’t provide us the level of assurance as in-person does.
  • Get yourself involved in community events and gatherings. You can start with church, clubs, or organizations. The more people you meet, the more you’ll improve your happiness.
  • People who feel toxic or demotivate you, set boundaries with them. Cut out their exposure and replace them with people who motivate you.

Spiritual dimension

Many people correlate spirituality with religion. But it doesn’t mean following the belief of any particular religion. Instead, it’s a practice of connecting yourself with your inner soul. Currently, about 27% of Americans are practicing spirituality, and according to them, it connects them with the greater world around them.

Here are the ways to contain your mind through spirituality–

  • Spend time in nature.
  • Practice meditation every day.
  • Develop a gratitude list and practice it daily.
  • Practice kindness with everything around you.

Mental dimension

Mental health is becoming one of the major issues currently. It’s one of the most common illnesses spreading in the US. More than 50 million US adults are living with various mental conditions. Most people often overlap mental health with emotional well-being.

But the emotional well-being refers to our daily moods and emotions. At the same time, mental wellbeing refers to brain functions and a person’s cognitive abilities.

Here are the practices to improve your mental health–

  • Always keep your mind busy with activities such as mind games and problem-solving quizzes.
  • Consume healthy nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Avoid overusing digital devices.
  • Read books regularly.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs; they damage brain cells.

Wrapping up

According to the holistic health experts, the way a person lives can determine their overall well-being. Eating right, sleeping well, and thinking positive can have a significant impact on their life.

Many health issues don’t even exist in our bodies. We are developing them with unhealthy lifestyles. But if you follow the above-mentioned practices in life, you can indeed transform your life into a good one.

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