The Different Types of CBD and Their Health Benefits

Did you know that 1 out of 7 American adults use CBD products? If you aren’t already, you’ll want to get in on this action!

CBD is a very close cousin of THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high and also provides a variety of health benefits. But the beauty of CBD is that you won’t get high at all while enjoying basically the same advantages!

Are you now interested in using CBD? Then keep reading to find out about the different types of CBD and how they can help with your ailments.

Smoking and Vaping

Just like with marijuana, you can smoke or vape CBD. So if you’re used to smoking/vaping already, then this won’t be hard to do!

What’s great is this delivery method is very quick. Once you take a hit, you’ll experience the effects almost immediately.

The downside is both aren’t very discreet. If you need to experience the benefits of CBD but you’re out in public, you might have to wait until you get home to do so.


Tinctures are one of the most popular types of CBD products out there. CBD comes in the form of an oil, which is then usually taken sublingually. This means you put it under your tongue, hold it there for a minute, and then swallow.

You can also put a few drops into your food or drink if you wish. However way you choose for taking CBD tinctures, it’s very discreet, which is great when you need some pain relief while on the go.

Tinctures work relatively quickly as well. So they’re great for fast relief!


Edibles are typically made with CBD oil. This allows you to eat CBD in the form of pasta, brownies, or even capsules and pills. 

This form of CBD is also quite discreet. However, because you need to digest the CBD, it takes much longer to take effect. But once it does, the effects are long-lasting.


Topicals come in the form of creams, lotions, and balms. They’re mostly used for muscle pains and headaches.

When you’re in pain, you just dab some on your fingers and then rub the topical into your forehead or area that’s sore. Topicals are quite mild and might take some repeated applications to work. They’re quick to work but quick to wear off as well. Not only this, CBD oil is good for skin also. It can be a good remedy to get rid of Dull skin.

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Use the Different Types of CBD to Improve Your Quality of Life

Now that you know all about the types of CBD, which ones do you think will help you?

The best thing about CBD is that it’s impossible to overdose on it. So don’t be afraid to give the different kinds of CBD a try to see what works for you!

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