Social media and content marketing tips for small businesses

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For all the small business owners out there who are looking for growing their empire and sharing what they offer to a larger audience, here are some useful content marketing tips which can bring more value to social media in the process of growing your business.

  1. Be innovative and original

The first and the most important step for growing your small business is presenting what you offer in a unique and catchy way. Content and services presented just like any other similar ones that can be found anywhere on the internet will less likely draw attention to your page. Instead, conduct a research and take time to implement some innovative ideas, or simply combine the elements of few most successful businesses in your branch in a unique way.

  1. Make a posting plan

Posting on social media is a powerful way of presenting your content, and to make the best of it, it is always good to prepare a posting plan. This is a lesson many successful bloggers and business owners taught us. Posting regularly on your Lifestyle Blog will create a flow of traffic to you content, and people who follow you and are interested in your content will know when to expect the next post. This is a great way of dispersing the content without posting too much and bombarding your audience with posts. Remember, no one wants their Facebook wall full of your posts

  1. Cherish visual identity

There is nothing more powerful than good visual identity. It speaks more than words and it is the first thing your audience will pay attention too. The power of good web design, graphic design and good quality photograph will draw attention to your content. That is why before posting and using all marketing tricks, it is important to make the content look as pleasing as possible and make sure it represents your business. It is also great to develop a unique visual identity, which will make your content recognizable among many other. No matter if it’s just a small post, or whole blog page, good visual identity represents means success.

  1. Use content marketing tools

There are few marketing tools and services available to small business owners that can help in content generation and increasing its effectiveness. Some of them offer keywords generating and offer useful ideas, which help the brainstorming process when creating quality content. Content mother offers services like social media marketing and management, blogger outreach, content creation and content marketing.

  1. Meaningful interaction and sharing connect

To be successful you need to be present. There is nothing more powerful than using all available social media for publishing your content. The best way to share with your audience is connecting all your social media accounts, creating a solid and consistent influencing base for your small business. This means positing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and all other media available to you. This will create a circle and connect your business with different parts of the internet community. Allowing your audience to share your content by adding different sharing buttons, as well as using valuable hashtags can draw more audience to your posts and therefore popularize your business.

  1. Interact

This one is tightly related to previous, as one of the best ways to make yourself visible to others is not only sharing effectively, but also by being active on social media. The best way to interact is finding profiles ad pages which are related to what you offer. By following and liking you draw attention to your content, which is why it is important to target the audience for which you assume will be interested in your posts, and not go for random liking and following.

  1. Focus on quality

Positing on regular basis is powerful and a fast way to bring you some traffic, but what is more important is the quality of the content you are presenting. For example if you have a Parenting Blog make sure your content is valuable, simple, readable and adapted to the targeted audience. Even seemingly small things like font type of letter size can make a difference from good and bad content. Always remember, quality over quantity.

  1. Meta tags and deep linking

For anyone who is hoping to grow their small business basic SEO skills are a must. This can improve your search positions and help you optimize your content. You can link your content to newly written articles and connect text and landing pages. This will make a good linkage of content, and therefore bring more traffic. Title descriptions and meta tags that are well structured can sure increase the traffic on your Wedding Blog and get more interested customers to your small business.


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