The difference between an automatic watch and quartz watch

Do you doubt between a quartz watch and an automatic watch? Then it is important to know the difference. Because what is the difference between an automatic watch and quartz watch?

We can be brief about quartz watches. There is a battery in there. You choose solidity. The watch always runs on time. If the battery is empty, have it replaced.

What is an automatic watch?

Affordable automatic watches are the gems among the watches. It is a miracle of technology. The watch does not have a battery, but it winds itself up due to the movement of your wrist. This creates a so-called power reserve. This can vary per timepiece from 24 to 48 hours. It means that when the timepiece is fully wound up, it can run for 24 to 48 hours without you wearing it.

But the technology in the watch also needs care. For example, an automatic watch is more sensitive to shocks. In case it falls, for example, the timepiece may be damaged. Although it is never necessary to replace a battery, it is advisable to give it a clean every two to three years.


Where a quartz watch always runs on time and has virtually no deviation, you have to deal with an automatic watch here. This can vary from a few seconds to almost a minute a day. The more expensive the timepiece, the more accurate it is. But no matter how expensive the timepieces are, there remains a deviation. Even with Rolex watches.

Are you a man or woman of the clock? Do you have trouble with a watch that deviates a few seconds every day? Then a quartz watch is more for you. On the other hand, do you like technology? And do you take those few seconds a day for granted? Then an automatic watch is exactly what you are looking for.

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