Why you should wear a luxury watch rather than smartwatches

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The world has been home to a number of debates, but there were very few debates which took place in the watch industry – this is because if there is a particular watch is has been claimed to be the best, there was no denying this fact. Nonetheless, a newer debate has sprouted up in this domain, and that is which watches are better – luxury or smartwatches? There are people who have are pro-smartwatches; however, there are also people who are anti-smartwatches.

We are of the view that the watchmakers in the watch industry have worked really hard to attain the reputation, the one that they deserve. Smartwatches are becoming conspicuous by the minute because they are one of the other smart devices that exist in the market. These technologies have already had their fair share of growth but in a different segment altogether. But their “loyal” fans have faith in them and have been altering form the watch industry to the smart industry.

The two are not comparable; however, if we continue to do so you have already read the title to this article, and you might have understood that we are all in for luxury watches and given their longevity we doubt that they are to meet their demise anytime soon. We have our reasons for supporting these watches, and we are going to table down the reasons for doing so:

1. The resale value: As long as luxury watches are the matter of concern, you are going to notice that these watches are capable of being resold. The renowned brands like Rolex, Tag Heuer, Audemars Piguet can easily be put up to sold again if they are in excellent conditions. On the other hand, you do not have the freedom of doing so when we speak of a smartwatch. The reason is that anybody can easily avail and people begin to question the credibility of a smartwatch once it has been put up for resale.

2. Say goodbye to battery life issues: Smartwatches are rated higher as far as the practicality, as well as the utility of the same, is concerned. You are able to access a number of things at once since you have a mini-computer at your disposal but this also means that it will be required of you to keep charging the watch over and over again. You know when it comes to using a luxury watch, you would not have to keep fidgeting with its battery, and you can use other means for the utility that is being driven out of a smartwatch.

3. The look!: If we compare the two on the basis of their aesthetics, we all know who is bound to win. The luxury watches tend to rate higher as far as their attractiveness is concerned. Also, smartwatches usually have limited variation in their design but when we have a look at the luxury watch segment – they are experimenting beyond the limits of thoughts that the human mind is capable to think of. On the other hand, you will not be able to make a style statement with a smartwatch, but a luxury watch would reflect your personality almost immediately.

4. The hidden meaning behind the two: Gifts are supposed to be incredibly thoughtful. If you receive a smartwatch, you are going to be happy for quite some time until you realize that the technology of the same is soon going to be redundant and you will have to keep fussing about the regular updation. The smartwatch may become obsolete in no time given there are other smart devices to replace them and the traditional watch industry as a competitor. A luxury watch; however, would qualify for something more close to the heart with some or the other sentiment hidden behind which a person would like to preserve for a really long time. You are going to enjoy the utility rendered by this sort of a watch thoroughly without having to deal with the numerous hassles.

If you have heard the name of a watchmaker in the industry – it is evident that they have been there in the industry ever since it has been incepted. Their experience, heritage, design and all else are apparent factors which cannot be superseded by another. Their skills cannot be matched in any way for all we know which remains the paramount reason as to why people still chip their money in for a watch form this segment.

A well-rounded watch nerd is going to know which path must be taken and which one should be the road not taken. You know the traditional watches are marvelous themselves as well because of the way they tick or their intricate features which put its luxury across the table. A conventional watch crosses out the possibility of being outdated.

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