4 Tips to Add Royal Vibes to Your Winter Style

royal style

We constantly talk about designers, fashion models, and famous fashionistas online, trying to find that perfect list of trends that will stir up the style world in the upcoming months. More often than not, we dwell on the extraordinary and the unusual, but sometimes the classy and the sophisticated that is often much subtler is the kind of a look that steals the spotlight. That is the case with how famous royal family members tend to dress, as their attire is nothing short of spectacular, and their sense of style simply marvelous.

One glance at Meghan Markle, and you know you want to have some insight into her wardrobe in order to find something that fits your own look and stylish preferences. With this admiration for the royal style in mind, this winter should be clad in regal shades and contours. Here are a few essential tips to elevate your ensemble with imperial details that will inspire you to boast those pastels and walk with your head held high!

Nothing says royal like velvet

royal style

Photo by Jared Subia on Unsplash

It’s easy to add diversity to your wardrobe just by getting more garments. But it takes a skilled fashionista to find diversity in texture, sheen, and patterns that can instantly take your style to the next level. One excellent example of how you can evoke a regal look and feel would be to add something velvet to your ensemble. The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable, it comes in a slew of delightful hues, and the holiday season is the perfect time of the year to try it out.

You can start by tailoring or purchasing a velvet jacket to go perfectly with your elegant pants and shirt combination. Then again, there are entire velvet suits that have the same appeal as the single piece. However, you can also go all out and put on a delightful velvet dress for a special occasion such as Christmas cocktail.

Details for royal style distinction

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

When you look at anyone from any royal family, you first notice the attitude, then the looks. But sometimes, the first thing that pops from their appearance is not really a long, flowy coat or a velvet dress, but a pair of stud earrings that is as subtle as it can get, as incredibly beautiful and elegant. Sometimes, that detail is what makes the entire ensemble grandiose.

When you’re at a loss as to how to complete your look, adding a sophisticated Japanese automatic watch gives you a statement piece to elevate your combination. It’s a modern take on a timeless accessory that refines your outfit in a heartbeat. No matter if you’re wearing jeans and a button down, or a power suit, the right timepiece makes all the difference.

A classy coat to seal the deal

Photo by Anastasiya Pavlova on Unsplash

Formal-wear is more than in for any royal family member out there, but it also grants you a chance to give your look a touch of sophistication that is perfect for a night at the opera as much as it can be scaled down for a regular evening of blues and dinner. What that means is that wearing a classic coat in a neutral hue such as pure black or camel can give your jeans the royal treatment they need, or it can match your formal dress.

That’s the beauty of royalty-approved coats – they serve a purpose, they can be paired with almost anything, and they are incredibly comfortable. What’s more, you needn’t look for brands that have the price tag only royalty can afford, but you can find more affordable varieties of equal appeal and beauty.

Warm hues and curious cuts

royal style

Photo by Wenyang on Unsplash

Yes, the fashion industry has evolved to a great extent, empowering versatility in the color palette and bringing more and more curious shades into the mix. Neon colors are more than approved today, while colorful, contrasting combinations are always welcome. However, royalty will always pick timeless, easily combined tones, and this winter, you can warm yourself up with some soft pastels.

Adding soft pink for a touch of blush, or adding something in lavender or creamy yellow to your look is a perfect way to bring some warmth to your appearance without going overboard with hues.

It takes time to master the art of royal dressing, but you can start this winter by introducing a few of the essentials into your collection, and see where the effort takes you. Who knows, maybe you end up being team-Kate all the way, or you find yourself admiring the exotic Thailand princess, which will further help you define your dress-code and have fun with this winter’s outfitting ideas!

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