Luxury, High End Travel On A Small Budget? It Can Be Done

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Travel is food for the senses and the soul, and there are so many wonderful places to explore. Unfortunately, a lack of funds can inhibit this, and when you want to travel in style, it only compounds the problem. Luckily, there are some ways that you can get a high-end luxury experience on a small budget. Just read on to find out what they are.

Pick a high-end location

The first method you can use to get a luxury experience on a small budget is to narrow down some of the high-end locations globally that you would like to visit. Such choices often include Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Las Vegas, and Monaco.

Although, just because you are in a place that is associated with the high-end it doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose. In fact, you will find in most locations like these that there are more budget-friendly accommodations and restaurant options available. Then you can pick and choose the more high-end element that you would like to experience.

For example, in Las Vegas, all the hotels are open to the public and free to walk around. Now, this might not seem like a very tempting offer but once you realize that they are designed with gardens, light displays, and restaurants to explore it is possible to see how you can soak up a little of the luxury atmosphere of the place, without having to ruin your bank account.

Flight sales

Next, to get a high-end deal on a smaller budget a fantastic tip is to get savvy about the times that flights go on sale. This is because airline tickets are cheapest when the seats are first realized. This means if you time it right you can get some great first and business class long haul deals that include a significant saving and include the luxury you are looking for.

Travel credit card

If you are looking for some luxury while you travel using a credit card like Chase Sapphire Reserve Concierge can be an excellent move. The reason for this is that such cards grant you free access to priority pass airport lounges, so you luxury begins even before you have got on the plane.

Such cards can also offer $0 fees on foreign transactions, and you can earn points while you spend that you can use to reduce the cost of your next trip.


Finally, if you want the true luxury experience why not consider booking your break during the offseason? In fact, this may work out a lot better for you than expected as you may find the weather more conducive to getting out and doing things in high-end locations such as Abu Dhabi and Las Vegas.


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Also, you won’t have to fight through crowds of people to get anywhere and visit the most popular attractions. Lastly, as your accommodation and flights will cost less too, it is the perfect way to get the high-end experience you are looking for without it leaving your bank account barren.



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