Ten Books on Interior Design to Break the Secret of What Make a House Beautiful

What makes a house unique, special, romantic or sophisticated? Its colors, its furniture, its harmony. In one word, its design. Although we have access to many images and websites to get inspired, the truth is that, in reality, matching colors and design is a tough job. That’s why house designers study for years to get people’s houses at the top. However, there are books that will most certainly inspire you to transform your house from meh to wow!

Wild At Home. How to Turn Your home Into a Green Paradise – Hilton Carter

This book by renowned designer and host of the Plant Doctor TV show will inspire you to create a real jungle in your own apartment and equip you with all the know-how you need to take care of your plants. You will learn where to place them, how to propagate them, how to choose the right pot. You will learn how to combine your plants in terms of leaf sizes and shapes and create unique design compositions in every room. Turn your home into an extraordinary greenhouse with the most beautiful indoor plants!

Children’s project. Design Tips for Creating a Modern Kids Room – Julia Parshikhina

The nursery is the most interesting room in the apartment, but it is the most difficult to arrange. The daughter asks for wallpaper with princesses, the son wants to paint everything black, and you want the room to have light walls and order. If you’re stuck, now is the time to read this book.

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Make Yourself At Home! The Complete Guide to Interior Design – Frida Ramstedt

What’s the perfect height for your living room lamp to be hung so that you get both light and intimacy. Which logic should you pick up to display and organize the furniture in the living room?

What is the distance rule that you have to respect between the bed and the wardrobe? All these questions have the right answers. The amazing designer Frida Ramstedt uncovers the secrets of a good design in her book. She turned experts’ terms and concepts into clear and easy language. With all her valuable advice, you’ll get the perfect arranged interior design.

The whole point is in the details. We will deal with big issues ourselves, but knowledge of trifles distinguishes a professional from an amateur. It is these “important little things” that the author of the book shares.

Publishing a book on interior design without photos is a pretty bold gesture. Some would even say that it is a revolutionary decision. Our world is actually overloaded with aesthetic pictures of cozy or sumptuous interiors. But most of us want to know what the heck is the science behind the perfect interior design, not more, no pictures, only theory that we could put into practice. Frida Ramstedt’s Complete Guide to Interior Design provides the answer.

Light – Marat Ka

This book is about the use of lighting in interior design. Designed for architects, designers and decorators. The textbook is written in a light, casual manner. The Light book tells about the types of lighting, laws, norms, types of lamps and their application in the interior.

My Perfect Home. The Art of Organizing Space and Creating a Stylish Interior- Nikki Boyd

My Perfect Home is the most comprehensive guide to creating a thoughtful, functional, and well-organized home.

Drawing on her experience as a professional organizer, Nikki Boyd has developed 5 essential steps to creating the perfect home: evaluate, declutter, clean, organize, decorate.

Thanks to this book, together with the author, you can easily and with pleasure go through all these 5 steps and turn your home into the home of your dreams!

Free from Clutter. Seven Emotional Blocks That Prevent You from Parting With Unnecessary Once and For All – Tracey McCubbin

For more than a decade, Tracey McCubbin has been helping clients find freedom from unnecessary things. Having completed thousands of orders, she was convinced that the mess inevitably wins where there are emotional problems.

In her book, she offers to start by understanding what prevents you personally from maintaining order at home and in life. With the help of her technique, you will analyze your attitude to things room by room, purchase by purchase, and realize what emotional block does not allow you to part with unnecessary things.

By identifying your problem, you can remove the obstacles that stand between the actual state of your home and the home of your dreams.

After reading this book, you won’t want to let junk back into your life because you’ll feel what it’s like to live without it.

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