7 Unique and Fabulous Lip Piercing Jewelry

Lip piercings are not new in the world of fashion. Many celebrities have been presenting forward this fashion from decades. The trend of wearing lip piercing jewelry is popular among men and women alike. This type of piercing not only symbolizes a fashion statement but also gives the wearers the tough edge they crave for. It is also an ideal way to express boldness, attitude, and independence.

While there are different types of lip piercings available, there are several jewelry items to achieve those looks. For instance, Dahlia Piercing is generally done using steel balls; a curved barbell is ideal for vertical labret piercing and so on. In short, there are numerous designs and styles of lip piercing jewelry to available fulfill the desires of today’s fashion-conscious youth.

In this article, we have presented a list of some one-of-a-kind lip jewelry that never goes out of fashion. So, before you get that ‘bad boy/girl’ appeal, make sure to choose a lip piercing jewelry item from below:

  1. 14k Gold Captive Bead Ring: Captive bead rings are one of the most common jewelry items used for lip piercing. But when it comes to giving uniqueness to lip piercings, many people opt for gold captive rings. A 14k gold captive ring adds boldness, sophistication, and attractiveness to one’s look without overdoing.
  2. 16g Labret crystal Stud: A labret stud is generally used to achieve all types of lip piercings. No matter whether it’s a Medusa Piercing, Madonna Piercing or Snake Bite Piercing, a good pierce of labret stud can add shine and glossiness to your lip piercing. Go for a clear crystal stud or experiment with colors to get a real classy look.
  3. Criss-Cross Lip Ring: A criss-cross lip ring in gold or silver is something that will never go out of fashion. It is a unique piece of lip jewelry that is perfect to make you stand out in no time.
  4. 14K Rose Gold Labret With Diamond: A dazzling diamond labret stud in a highly polished 14K rose gold is a truly a genuine and gorgeous piece of lip piercing jewelry. It will sit flat on your piercing while offering it a luxurious sparkle.
  5. Extremely Thin Lip Cuff: To add delicacy to your lip piercing, a thin lip rings hoop will be the ideal choice. You can decide to wear gold or silver lip cuffs or pick from black or copper plated hoops. These jewelry items are apt for labret piercing, snake bites, spider bites and shark bites.
  6. 16g Silver Lip Ring with two balls curved bar: Simplicity has a class on its own and when it comes to a simple lip piercing jewelry, nothing can beat a silver lip ring with two balls curved bar. Classy and dainty, this type of ring will be a perfect cute little statement to your everyday outfit.
  7. Snake Lip Ring: A subtle snake lip ring is a perfect lip piercing jewelry to bring out our wild side. It will enhance your boldness, attractiveness and style, all at the same time.

Rock your lips with these unique and fabulous lip piercing jewelry items. Choose something of your choice before you opt for your favorite lip piercing.

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