Taping Technique to Fight Cellulite. How Does That Work?

What women just don’t use to get rid of the “orange peel”! Creams, massage, cosmetic procedures, diets and special exercises are used. Not so long ago, taping was added to them. How can a cotton adhesive strip reduce the appearance of cellulite? Let’s figure it out with an expert.

The technique of taping (or kinesio taping) has been known to sports doctors since the 50’s. In the textbooks of that time, you can find many schemes, thanks to which athletes were helped to quickly recover from a microtrauma or serious physical exertion. The technique was also used for prevention.

Effects On the Body

Taping changes muscle tone. With its help, you can relax the muscle, which is in pathological hypertonicity, relieve swelling and pain. The technique is also useful for excess weight. Using tapes for weight loss will speed up the removal of excess fluid.

At first, no one even thought of resorting to kinesio taping in order to lose weight. The side effect was discovered by luck. But as soon as it turned out that the skin in the area where the tapes are attached tightens, the volume of fat deposits and the appearance of cellulite decrease, the technique quickly moved from the field of sports to cosmetology and became incredibly popular among those who want to maintain harmony.

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What Are Tapes and How to Choose Them

Tapes are elastic tapes of different widths, one side of which is covered with an adhesive. The best tapes are made from a mixture of cotton and spandex (90-97% and 3-10% respectively, be sure to check the proportions when buying). Unlike nylon, they do not cause allergies and do not interfere with the access of oxygen to skin cells. High-quality tapes have a gel adhesive coating. It firmly holds them on the skin even during water procedures. For the correction of cellulite on the thighs, both wide perforated tapes (kinesio plasters) and narrow ones are used. But the first in terms of fastening is much more convenient. Among manufacturers in terms of “price-quality” ratio, the most popular are companies from Japan and South Korea. However, worthy options are easy to find among the more budgetary Chinese brands.

How Taping Helps With Cellulite

“Orange peel” is associated with systemic inflammatory processes in the body, which cause changes in the subcutaneous layer. Because of them, microcirculation of blood and lymph flow is disturbed, and hence the nutrition of tissues. As a result, the skin in the cellulite area looks atonic and lifeless, and excess fluid increases the thigh circumference by at least 2-3 centimeters. The tape, pasted on the skin, lifts it above the muscles and ligaments. This relieves spasm from the lymphatic vessels, which makes it possible to get rid of puffiness.

The procedure relieves general inflammation, reduces the severity of cellulite. The appearance improves – the skin becomes more elastic.

How to Apply Tapes on Thighs for Weight Loss

Tapes can stretch up to 100% of their original length. But that doesn’t mean they should be used that way. Tear off the backing paper (you will peel it off gradually during sticking) and secure the first 2 cm of the elastic band to the body without tension. Then, slightly pulling (no more than 15-25% of the possible), fix the tape on the selected area.

Then smooth out with your hand for even distribution. If the tapes are pasted correctly, you will not feel any discomfort. If you feel tightness or soreness, you need to re-glue it, but with less tension. Otherwise, this will lead to hematomas and possibly more serious tissue damage.

To remove the tapes, moisten them with warm water or oil. There are also special liquids that facilitate removal.

What Effect to Expect From Taping for Weight Loss

The taping technique refers to coursework. To get a pronounced effect, it is necessary to wear elastic bands for five days, then take a break for two days and stick tapes again. You can repeat the course until the desired result. But keep in mind that wearing tapes will not replace a balanced diet and physical activity. They will become just one of the points of your comprehensive program to combat cellulite.

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