Excelsior Exercise! Your New Workout Motto


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Excelsior – it’s a latin word that loosely translated means ever upward or still higher so you can see how this little phrase could be great to focus on while you’re working out. But we don’t just mean that it’s inspiring. We’re thinking in literal terms here because you might think that exercise is just working out your body or getting in shape. But actually, it can be so much more than that. There are shocking ramifications from working out that you may have never heard of.

When you first read that phrase you might have thought it sounded like a magic spell from something like Harry Potter. Well, exercise can be surprisingly magical.

Beat Cher

Cher used to sing about turning back the hands of time. Well, with exercise you’ll get closer to most to rewriting time. Research and scientific studies show that exercise does actually keep you young or rather your cells. This means that the signs of age won’t be as apparent for you as they are for others. It’s not quite like erasing wrinkles with a rubber, but it’s pretty close. So, rather than spending money on the anti-aging cream before you’re even over thirty, you might just want to head to the gym a little more often.

Forget Chess

There are various theories on how to avoid the most horrific issue of age, dementia. This is a brutal topic and one that will affect the lives of many people reading this article, in one way or another. Again, the latest research points to exercise and fitness being a significant step in the right direction to avoid dementia and issues with the brain at a later age. It’s hardly surprising this is the case. When you exercise, you’re giving your brain an exercise as well as your body because it gets the blood pumping. If you want to increase the impact, you could also download a few audiobooks and listen to them rather than the typical dance music while you’re on the exercise bike at the gym.

Boost Confidence

If you have low confidence, it can be a real kick in the teeth. You won’t smile as often, your whole body language is changed and wouldn’t you know, research has shown that this means positive people are less interested in interacting with you and this is always going to have a negative impact on your life. Postnatal moms commonly do low experience levels of confidence because of the changes in their body during pregnancy. But head to Moms into Fitness, and you’ll see that working out can have a fantastic effect on confidence and boost who moms feel about themselves. This is often true for anyone engaging in exercise with low confidence, particularly once they see positive changes to their body.

Boosting Drive

Another benefit of exercise as seen in research studies is that it actually boosts your sexual drive. You’ll be more eager to make love and share fun times with your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend if you engage in regular exercise. That in itself might be enough of a reason to head to the gym.

As you can see, then the benefits of exercise really are amazing and stretch beyond getting beach body ready.

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