Stylish and trendy statement pieces for your wardrobe

A statement piece makes any outfit interesting. It will add that extra touch and make you look stand out from the crowd. You can add a couple of statement pieces in your wardrobe to create your own personal style and signature look. Something people will remind you for. It’s always good to think about a couple of eye catchers that makes your look more fun and interesting. If you are in need for some inspiration here are some ideas to begin with.

The denim jacket
A denim jacket never goes out of style but if you want to add a touch of personality go for a denim jacket with embroideries or sequin pads. You can easily combine it with your favorite skirt or pants. Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Visit here to get the look:

statement pieces

Stay warm in a Poncho
When it gets colder outside you can wear a poncho. Not just any poncho if you are looking for statement pieces you will love this graphic black and blue poncho. It’s soft, warm and elegant complete the look with a fancy camel colored hat. Shop here:


Chic plunge dresses
A must have for any wardrobe is a plunge dress. When you want to turn heads go for a special fabric like velvet, leather or suede. To keep this look elegant and not to sexy choose a plunge dress with longsleeves. You will find the most trendy plunge dresses here:

statement pieces

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