44 S.O.F.L – 44 Shades of Fashion & Living launches in November


44 S.O.F.L is launching with a premium range of Limited Gold Edition Clothing, Handbags & accessories.

44 S.O.F.L is a new international fashion & living brand that will launch in November. I had the privilege to provide a glimpse in this pre-launch blog about the premier clothing line and handmade women accessories that is launching all over the world.


44 S.O.F.L premium fashion brand

‘The brand is called “44 S.O.F.L” – i.e 44 Shades of Fashion & Living. They are an International fashion brand concentrating both in Premier range of clothing manufacturing. This November they are launching online with a premium range of Limited Gold Edition Clothing, Handbags & accessories. Targeting at high end customers with class who understand quality and uniqueness.


Talented designers and artists

44 S.O.F.L are collaborating with talented designers all around the world who contribute in giving their designs targeting certain sectors. Also hand made leather accessories and sourcing hand made fashion products. The creative artists will work on unique designs and art on their clothes to give the brand its high end flavor. Artists from all over the world bring their culture of specific countries and communities. 44 S.O.F.L  are creating and launching online they will open their  physical stores in Malaysia & Thailand. And they will have a grand launch In Slovenia. Future locations include Holland, Romania, Norway, Poland and Paris and collaborate with models across the globe.


Give back make a difference

44 S.O.F.L believes you should give back to society and every business can contribute in someway to make the world we live in a better place. They believe they can make a positive impact and will start their launch helping Child Soldiers, a volunteer organisation for children effected by war. Many child soldiers end up in violence at a young age, 44 S.O.F.L wants to contribute and do something about this issue.


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