Studio Arntzen: light design and unique furniture making

Studio Arntzen

The importance of leaving our space and it’s décor to professionals is undeniable, as only the best professionals know how to turn every space into a whole another story, a concept on its own. The essential uniqueness visual elements and carefully chosen furniture bring is priceless, as these very elements enrich our daily lives with fine aesthetic and practicality. One of the best places to go to when guided by this attitude is no other, but Studio Arntzen, from Rotterdam.

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It’s creator and Dutch lighting designer Paula Arntzen knows how to breathe in identity to every space, be it office, your home, design label or an event. She is a creative individual who is not afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with materials, textures and shapes and whose work is based on rich experience in concept development, special design and lighting, which is precisely what Studio Arntzen is all about. Thanks to Paula’s stylistic approach, Studio Arntzen emphasizes uniqueness and fine aesthetic above anything. It is specialized in creating remarkably unique interiors, and it is a place to go to when looking for creative merging of technology, craft skills and design.

Inspired by Paula’s design, here are some great and creative ideas how you could implement this innovative approach in your own space.

    1. Effective chandelier can make all the difference

Studio Arntzen

Studio Arntzen

Every room looks better with some effective details, and much more – it is these details that give the space its identity. This is why a powerful, modern and futuristic chandelier can make all the difference. Feel free to go for large, textured and detailed chandeliers, as this kind of detail can make even the simplest décor stand out. A carefully designed chandelier from the design light shop will bring the air of elegance and sophistication into any space, so be brave and go for the shapes that will catch the eye and create balance.

    2. The power of glass lights

glassmuseum_glass_design_light_0.jpg Studio Arntzen

When decorating, professionals are aware of the fact that glass, especially top quality glass, can bring an aura of richness into almost any space. Colored glass is perfect for simple interiors, especially those with high dosage of minimalism to them, but can find place in even more detailed interiors. Just few glass lights, some spherical and cylindrical effects combined with illustrative details on glass can turn light into marvelous detail and your space into something memorable.

    1. 3. Experiment: Combine traditional and futuristic

When decorating smart, it is all about enchasing originality of your space, and combining furniture, fabrics, shapes and textures in order to achieve a personalized and outstanding space. Feel free to experiment and combine what is seemingly hard to combine. Add some traditional shapes to your space and merge them with futuristic elements. Options are limitless, as you can go from geometrical shapes of art deco and those which predominated in the 50’s and lights which have distinctively futuristic look to them. The old and the new can coexist and there is a perfect place for that – your interior.

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