5 Amazing summer reads to indulge in while having an exotic drink

summer reads

Summer has always been considered the most pristine time to escape the hassle and bustle of city life, and enjoy the warm pleasantness of exotic beaches and breathtaking scenery.

Plus one of the most essential arsenals to always carry are books to keep the mind preoccupied as the body leisure’s away, resting blissfully in a hammock.

Oh, and let’s not forget our lovely drink! Nothing makes a reading session much more interesting than having one’s favorite drink by their side.

That being said, here are some of the top summer reads one should carry with them before disappearing to paradise.

‘Born a Crime’-Trevoh Noah

If one happens to be a big fan of the ‘Daily Show’, then it’s a given that Trevoh Noah always light up the night with some funny, albeit thought-provoking comedy.

Now, get to read his epic memoir, and how he catapulted himself to the apex of comedy.

His inspiring story begins in South Africa, where he was born during the period of apartheid to a white Swiss father, and a black South African mother.

Being a bi-racial child, he had to grow up in a country, which at the time, forbade any mixed relationships from occurring.

This memoir is truly touching, inspiring, and an eye-opener to the tragic life that black South Africans suffered during the times of apartheid.

‘The Heart’- Maylis de Kerangal

For the fiction lovers out there looking for a dramatic story that really touches on the different facets of human emotion and psychology, then this book is certainly the masterpiece that one is searching for. The book opens up about the story of a young man that is killed in an accident.

His traumatized parents decide to donate his heart, and what transpires is a touching story that strives to enlighten all the senses effectively.

‘Hillbilly Elegy’- J.D. Vance

This book talks about the traumatizing world of poverty-stricken Appalachia that is vividly described in this book. The story talks about Vance, and how he describes being raised by quite loving, albeit volatile grandparents, who took responsibility of him after his mother showed no interest in raising him, after his father abandoned him.

With the odds stacked against him, Vance managed to survive an impoverished, chaotic world, and managed to make his way to the pinnacles of Education and landed at Yale school.

The real magic of this book is vividly described in Vance’s storytelling prowess.

‘Homo Deus’- Yuval Noah Harari

Definitely a challenging and thought-provoking book, the book tackles the prospect that the principle and organized society that is currently in place will undergo a radical shift in the 21st Century, having altering consequences on the concept of life as we know and understand it.

What will life be if we happen to either achieve religious rules about the steps and directions required to live a moral life, or earthly goals to eliminate calamities such as hunger and poverty. This book certainly proves an interesting read.

That being said, it’s crystal clear that such impressive novels only require the finest drink this summer to be thoroughly enjoyed. If one is up for trying something new, a Cherry Beer Garita is definitely worth the time!


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