Dubai travel tips: 5 things you should do

dubai travel tips

Oh, wonderful, magnificent Dubai. A favorite destination for fashionistas, travelers and bloggers across the globe. It not only offers luxurious experiences, fancy restaurants, majestic seasides and even more beautiful promenades, accompanied with breathtaking architecture, but it also offers some unique experiences that one simply must try. Here are the Dubai travel tips and the top 5 things to do in this skyscraper desert jewel of a city, as told by the insider.

  1. Camel riding and unforgettable Dessert Safari

It is time to conquer the desert the way locals do it and becoming a Bedouin exploring the sand dunes of Dubai for a few hours. What better way to experience this, than going on a desert safari and experience falconry and riding on the back of a camel. This is a must experience, as Dubai is known for being a desert jewel. Enjoy the 4 most popular desert experiences in a single day with a huge discount: Dubai 4-in-1 Desert Tour – Quad Bike, Camel Safari, Sandboarding and Camel Farm.

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  1. Friday brunch

The Friday brunch definitely needs to be included in the Dubai travel tips list. Giardino at luxurious Palazzo Versace, maginifficent Aspen at Kempinski Hotel or Westin Hotel Bubbalicious Friday brunch, no matter the choice, Dubai is a synonym for luxury and elegance, and is well known for some deliciousness too, which is  why it offers many places which guarantee a top brunch experience. Find a menu that suits you, from Italian, Japanese to national brunch delicacies, the choice is all yours. So, go ahead and book this Friday experience, you won’t forget it.

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  1. Dubai Aquarium and underwater Zoo

One of Dubai’s most famous attractions is the underwater zoo. This is one of the largest aquariums in the world, so why not pay a visit and experience a piece of exotic wildlife firsthand? This is one of those experiences that can make you feel like in a movie, as all animals are just a few meters away from you. And yes, you can feed the sharks too. How cool is that?

Dubai travel tips

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  1. Helicopter Flight and Burj Khalifa

If you think a private helicopter is for celebrities only, you are definitely very wrong. You can be your own celebrity for a day and experience Dubai the way only elite can, by booking a private helicopter flight. That is right, you can experience this glorious city from the air and feel like a rock star. Because hey, Dubai sure deserves to be experienced in every way, not only from the ground or the sea, but from the sky too. If you don’t see yourself in a helicopter make sure you visit Burj Khalifa to have a great view of the city.

  1. Private sightseeing on luxury boat

Dubai offers only top experiences. That is why you should enjoy a luxurious boat sightseeing tour available just for you and a few more selected people of yours. Experience the majestic Dubai skyline and its famous architecture from the sea and all that in a private and luxurious setting, wind in your hair and the smell of sea. Do you have other Dubai travel tips? Comment below!


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