Top Tips to Help your Efforts of Getting Back your Ex

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Are you looking towards using nostalgia to get your ex back? Or, are you pondering on the other powerful psychological tools that may nurture the grounds for a return trip? While the act of recreating fond memories never fails, there are many other ways in which you can make him wonder why he let go of you at all. Here are some top tips that may succeed in creating yet another platform for getting you both under the same roof.

Smell and memory

One of the most impactful sensory organs in human beings, the nose, captures the faintest of smells to bring back memories, both good and bad. As a specific smell may be very closely linked to past episodes that still leave you flushed, you may like to use the same to relive fond moments in the presence of your ex.  Fish out the cologne or perfume that may send off powerful subconscious signals when he is around; in all probability, he will remember those good times as well.

Sounds good?

It’s not tough to recall the action that you were performing when you both had first caught the words of that lovely song. So, try to remember the tune that was playing in the background when you had your first meal together, or the one that had made your first long drive so memorable, and so forth. Sounds give out the right vibration at most times; so, try your luck again, you may end up striking the right chord once again.

Set your sight correctly

One of the simplest and most innocent of all tactics to bring back long-lost memories lies in reminiscing about old movies or television shows that had left you both spellbound and bonded. The idea rests in allowing him to recall those gone times and moments that had once touched his heart strings.

Touch him again

A quick and harmless touch on his arm or shoulder may be enough to ignite the feelings that may have taken a back seat for obvious reasons. Also, you may want to refer to those moments wherein you were lost in each other’s presence, so as to revive the warmth in your relationship.

Seriously, there are plenty of ways of making fond memories come alive once more. Do not let go off your ex easily. Go ahead by all means and try to get your ex back into your life. However, steer clear of using any severe tactics as they may fail to produce the outcomes desired by you. In case your efforts backfire, you will find him resisting your attempts for a reunion all the more. Try to use a very subtle and clear approach to make your ex give your relationship another chance.

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