Riversong Selfie Stick Tripod to take better selfies

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Have you ever tried to make a selfie? I’m sure you noticed it takes a while before you have the right angle. Without a selfie stick it’s hard. Because a self-portrait becomes distorted when the lens is close by. That’s why you should use a selfie stick. A selfie stick tripod has many advantages because its more stable than a regular selfie stick. Your pictures will look better, you have more control over the background and you can even make group and family pictures! Say bye to blurry non professional looking pictures!

The Riversong Selfie stick tripod is multifunctional, portable (14cm length) and foldable. Perfect for traveling! It is easy to operate and the tripod is stable. Lightweight 148g so perfect for outdoor use. The stick can be stretched to 60 cm.  So it can be used to take pictures in big groups.

The tripod is stable dure to the non slip silicone mat. No matter if you are taking photos, broadcasting shows or watching videos. Bluetooth remote shutter is compatible with iOs and Android Smartphones. No hassle with your smartphones timer function. You can click one after another with ease.

The clamp can rotate 360 degrees and the holder of stick can rotate 180 degrees to get the perfect angle and distance. There is a 12-month warranty provided get the selfie stick tripod now: https://goo.gl/J2ugmf

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You can get the Selfie Stick Tripod for just $14,99 instead of $21,99 during Halloween! To get a 30% discount Use the Amazon Discount Code: GUFQN6N4

selfie stick, tripod, selfie stick tripod

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