5 Spices That Can Help You Lose Weight While On Your HCG Diet

HCG Diet

If you are going to start your HCG diet soon, then you must be particularly concerned as to whether a 500 calorie diet will satisfy your taste buds. And this is where spices come in. Just sprinkle some on your food, and any meal becomes tasty. And as an added bonus, some of these species are well known to be of great help in reducing weight. Below, we look at five such spices that you should consider using in your food while on an HCG diet.


This has been a much revered spice in India for centuries, and rightly so. Scientists are unraveling new uses of its ingredients, including an ability to fight cancer. But as far we are concerned, Turmeric is important because of an ingredient called Curcumin. What it does is that it suppresses the blood vessels that are required for forming the fat tissue. As such, your body will have more time available to break down the fat.


If you like hot and spicy food, then cayenne is a must-use ingredient. You can use it literally on any food to make it spicy, whether it be in soups, scrambled eggs, roasted nuts or anything else. So, how does Cayenne help in weight loss? Well, the spice has an ingredient known as Capsaicin, which is the main reason why you feel hot when consuming Cayenne. And by raising the body temperature, the metabolism rate is also increased, which in turn helps to burn the fat. It is estimated that using Cayenne in your food can burn off up to 100 calories in every meal. The fat burn rate also increases by up to 16% by adding this spice. Considering all these facts, it should be easy to understand why including Cayenne in your meals is a must when you are in a weight loss program like the HCG diet


Cumin is said to improve digestion and help in breaking down the sugars. Consuming just one teaspoon of this spice every day can burn up to three times more body fat. So, remember to add this spice to your salads and dressings.


Cinnamon is believed to help curb cravings. And when on an HCG diet, that is definitely helpful. It also increases the body’s ability to burn the sugars, while also minimizing the LDL cholesterol. Sprinkle some on an apple when you feel like eating the fruit. You can also mix it with yogurt or tea.


Even though many people might dislike its pungent smell and flavor, garlic might actually help you shed the excess weight. A research on mice found that animals which were fed garlic as a part of their diet lost more weight than mice which were not fed garlic.

So, try to add some of the above spices in your HCG meals and you will not only be adding flavor to the food but will also be helping the body lose more weight. You can also check out www.hcgdiet.com if you need more information about the HCG diet plan.


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