How to look fashionable during the winter months

Model on a Mission, winter clothes

My favorite place to find fashionable winter clothes is Zaful. Although I’m not a big fan of cold weather Zaful makes it bearable with trendy fashion pieces. I’ve been asked so many times how can you still look great when you just want to wrap layers and layers of clothes? First of all invest in a beautiful coat made from tweed or wool. Second leather or suede knee high boots always look elegant and keep you warm during the winter season. To add a little extra sparkle during the colder months add gemstone or tassle earrings, a lovely necklace or choker and sunglasses that make you look like a celebrity! If you need some winter inspiration here are my favorite winter clothes items!

Turquoise water drop earrings


 Rhinestone Choker

Double breasted Tweed coat

Sunglasses with crystal gemstones

Embellished earrings


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    Love the tweed jacket darling, also adore the way you styled all these pieces together. You look fabulous in them! Thank you for sharing your tips with us. xoxo Lovely

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