How Models Can Make Extra Money Differently and Easily

How will you like to make money as a model beyond just the normal type of modelling you probably already do now? I am talking about ways you probably haven’t considered before.

Yes, there are certainly more ways a beautiful girl can make money in the competitive modelling industry, beyond the normal modelling gigs. It’s not smart to limit yourself to the normal modelling gigs without first exploring what other options are out there.

You see, with the many different ways to make money these days, you owe it to yourself, as a model, to find more ways of earning.

This article shows you a really cool way you can make extra money as a foot model. This cool way of earning extra money is by simply becoming a foot model, as well as your normal modelling.

You read that right – by becoming a foot model who makes money from modelling your feet!

If this is the first time you have heard about foot modelling, well it’s really a thing. There are lots of modelling agencies out there now that have gigs for foot models. And yes, they pay very well too.

Many of these modelling agencies have big brands that are always in need of models with lovely feet, to advertise their products. Whether it is shoes, nail polish, etc, there are always gigs for foot models.

Apart from modelling agencies you can also sell feet pictures to people online who love feet. These types of people are said to have what is called “fetish for foot”. They simply love feet more than they love any other part of the body and they have no qualms with paying really good money for pictures and videos of feet.

Some are even said to pay hundreds of dollars for feet pictures and videos, particularly those that are customized for their particular needs.

So, yes, you can definitely make money as a foot model working directly online and selling to people who love feet and you can sell to modelling agencies. Whichever you want, it’s possible, as long as you have lovely feet.

Even if you don’t have special looking feet, there are still many men out there who can buy your feet pictures.

You can sell your feet pics by using social media to meet the right foot fetish individuals and selling to them directly. You can also use classified ad platforms to promote your foot modelling gig to reach the right types of individuals.

Make sure you always take good care of your foot, to succeed as a foot model. Your main asset in this selling feet pics business is your foot, so it should be as attractive and well taken care of, as possible, all the time.

This means spending good money on pedicure all the time and spending good money on the right types of shoes. You don’t want to wear just any type of shoes, especially those that might do serious damage to your foot. You owe it to yourself and your success as a foot model to take very good care of your feet, all the time.

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