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Jewelry is a feast for the eyes. They are the perfect accessory to wear with your most beautiful clothes. But how do you choose a new piece of jewelry? A frequently asked question I get is where I buy all my jewelry. I prefer jewelry with precious gemstones and most jewelers and fashion stores do not sell that much jewelry with real gems. That is why I buy almost all of my jewelry online. I have found a number of favorite shops where I like to shop for myself and occasionally buy gifts for others.

Precious gemstones

One of these shops is Pure Gems they have a beautiful collection of different types of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. All made with precious gemstones and real pearls. The quality of these stones is always superior. Their jewelry is characterized by the beautiful details: structures, patterns, shape and material use and they offer free worldwide shipping.

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Sky blue topaz

I personally love this sky blue topaz necklace that will make you feel like a princess. The clarity and cut are amazing. The Light Blue 2.3ct Oval Cut Topaz is from Brazil and set in pure silver.
You can find it here: https://puregems.eu/collections/gemstone-jewelry/products/2-3ct-topaz-royal-princess-necklace.

How to select jewelry

How do you select jewelry for a friend or for yourself? My tip is to follow your heart and your eyes. Choose a piece of jewelry that fits you well and what you will find beautiful in a few years. These different Pure Gems jewelry can be combined beautifully, but are of course also fantastic to wear on its own.

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