How can I wear my summer outfits in the winter?

Most people think their summer outfits are not suitable for the fall or winter season. But did you know you can easily combine your favorite summer dress with your winter clothing? You can do this in different ways. In the article below I will give you useful tips on how to wear a summer dress in the winter. All you need is a summer dress that is medium or knee-length that you would like to wear, all year round. We have listed nice clothing combinations so that you can look warm and fashionable in your favorite summer dress. You can also find more inspiration about putting together your own outfit in this blog You can find suitable summer dresses for the winter on Femme Luxe Finery.

mini dress

                                                                                     Pink mini dress

Hopefully we can inspire you through this fashion blog about being creative with winter clothing. A summer dress that you can also wear in the winter is not only trendy but also environmentally friendly and good for your wallet. To handle your clothing like this is sustainable, and therefore you can upgrade your wardrobe even with a small budget. So Win-Win!

Combine your summer dress with chic outerwear

Choose to wear a neat jacket over your summer dress. If you don’t have a jacket, it is really worth buying one. Blazers or jackets above a beautiful summer dress look very elegant and chic. You can too choose to wear a brightly colored jacket above the dress. This adds something to your personal look.

Upgrade your shoes

Ankle heels, knee high boots or pumps can be combined with your summer dress and keep your feet warm in the winter. Choose shoes that fit well to your feet. When you wear tights under your dress, every closed shoe works. It is of course understandable that you do not expose skin in winter, then opt for half-high or knee-high boots.

mini dress

                                                                                   Knitted mini dress

Wear your summer dress over a turtleneck

This is a nice but warm way to get some extras out of your nice summer dress. You namely combine color with a mostly neutral winter garment. You can wear ankle boots under your dress to keep your feet warm.

Wear your summer dress over nice winter jeans

You often see this look reflected in the streets. Wear your summer dress over slim or skinny fit jeans. In this way you combine a dress and jeans without exaggerating.

mini dress

                                                                                  Bat wing mini dress

Fold your dress into a skirt

This is an easy way to bring all items of clothing together into one. Put your dress in your skirt or jeans and wear a nice leather jacket or blazer for example. Finish it off with some nice accessories.

Wear your dress over a blouse

A summer dress is ideal to wear over a neutral blouse. For example, wear a nice belt around your waist, skinny jeans under your dress and finish it off with high heels. This way you can make a winter outfit stylish!

Wear tights under your denim shorts

Denim shorts are real garments for the summer. You can give them a winter look by combining them with leggings or tights. Then opt for black leggings or tights. Wear ankle boots under your denim shorts, they help your legs look nice and long.

long coat

                                                                                  Camel long coat


Wear clothing in layers so that your summer dress is not too cold. During the winter months, it is advisable to put on several layers of winter clothing, so you will certainly not get cold. For example, wear a shirt under your summer dress for extra warmth, or wear a blouse over your dress. This gives a somewhat business-like appearance and is therefore very suitable for your work. For example, a black summer dress with some creativity is well suited as business casual for work. But the most important thing of all is that it also provides extra warmth.


In addition to extra outerwear, it is of course also wise to think of undergarments such as jeans and leggings. Make sure that the undergarments remain somewhat neutral in color and are made of a wat thicker fabric. This way your outfit will look calm but colorful and you will not be shivering from the cold.

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