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The catwalk is always a source of inspiration for many an eager fashionista, while keeping in the loop of the latest influencer-approved trends is practically a habit for the modern-day fashion enthusiasts. However, the people we often forget to consider, despite all of our extensive knowledge of the industry is the fashion editor of the most renowned fashion magazines out there. Now these people know how to dress.

They know about trends before they hit the streets, they are the ones in the best ensembles taking notes and assessing supermodels as they are getting ready for the runways, and they are the ones to give their relevant take on what designers come up with every year. Simply put, they know their stuff, and we can certainly learn so much from them.

Mastering the classy casual

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Photo by Justin Essah on Unsplash

Finding that thin, almost invisible line that connects boho with upscale and delivers a truly sophisticated, but effortless style is what so many women dream of. When you envision a pencil skirt outfit, you want it not to be drab, but authentic, and you want to give life to your business outfits that can double as coffee casual. One glance at Kelly Talamas, and the issue is resolved!

She’s the Creative Director and Editor of Vogue Mexico and Latin America, and she knows how to rock her jeans and elevate her florals. She makes a little black dress seem like a whiff of pure magic with the right pair of shades and a purse. You want those florals on your skirts and shirts? You need to know that not all florals are created equal, and you need to find the right kind for your own style – but you can certainly find a way to class them up just like Kelly.

Athleisure the haute way

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Shape’s fashion editor dedicated a full week of her life to trying out athleisure in various situations, work included. While you might not work in an environment where spandex is appreciated to that extent, you can certainly find a way to incorporate more of this ever-growing trend into your wardrobe, if anything, for the promise of comfort it brings.

A simple pair of clean white sneakers is a great start, but consider adding some of those high-waisted leggings, tank tops, and a bomber jacket to the mix. You’d be surprised how haute you can look with the right, high-quality picks at hand.

The devil in the details

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The fashion director at Who What Wear, Natalie Cantell, understands the value of accessorizing for effect as well as aesthetics. In fact, she is the chic diva wearing minimalist combos only to give them that proper “wow” effect with the right watch on her wrist.

You’re a lover of all things Scandi, pastel, and simple to the core, because you know how to pick out luxe items that will last you a lifetime? Then by all means, adding a selection of classy watches to your accessory box means that you can elevate your look for day or night events in a matter of seconds. From sleek and small to chunky and bold, watches are every fashionista’s most prized crown jewel of all accessories.

Timeless yet trendy fashion editor

The name synonymous for style, Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor in Chief is everyone’s point of reference when it comes to trends and style. Three decades of fashion relevance have turned her into an icon that seamlessly delivers spot-on looks every time she shows up in public.

A leather trench coat? Snakeskin boots? Mixed and clashing prints? Vibrant florals? All a go. If you know how to spot the kinds that bear the promise of timeless and trendy every time you put them on. She may have a versatile wardrobe, but you can give yourself the same creative freedom when you master the art of personal expression paired with recognizing trends that will persevere. If anything, you can always follow in her footsteps and make sure you try out the garments that already have her seal of approval, but that also resonate with you.

Layering like a pro

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Not a new concept at all, but made to look like a refreshing take on some staple pieces, layering can be tricky to master when you don’t know your fabrics or your cuts. Some hints may help coming from Adrienne Faurote, the Fashion Editor at Marie Claire, the queen of all things effortless.

Her favorite? A simple, but comfortable cardigan that can serve as a daytime go-to for the office and a classy warm piece for her evening events. Find your go-to pieces that can be layered, dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and still serve a purpose.

Fashion is all about keeping your mind open for new possibilities of self-expression. These editors have certainly built up their reputations thanks to their know-how and their ingenuity, so use them as inspiration and you’ll never run out of fresh ideas for your own look!

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