Outfit Secrets Petite Girls Swear By

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If you’re a petite woman, knowing what to wear can be a bit of a challenge. Most clothes are designed for women who are at least 5 foot 5 inches in height, and so if you’re shorter than that, finding clothes that fit and look good can be a challenge.

Sometimes, being petite can be funny. We’ve all stood in dressing rooms trying on jackets with comically long sleeves, knowing full well that we’re never going to be able to pull them off. But after a while, it can get really annoying, especially when ALL the clothes we try on don’t seem to fit.

The good news is that some incredible petite women still manage to dress great. So what are their secrets?

Cinch Your Waist

Miroslava Duma is a petite woman at just 4’9’’ tall. But despite her modest frame, she manages to look stunning wherever she goes. What’s her secret? Cinching her waist. By cinching her waist, she makes her legs appear longer which gives her the appearance of added height. Not only that, but it also gives her body a sense of proportion and forces the clothes that she’s wearing to flatter her. Duma is a case in point of a woman who refused to wait until clothes came along that fit her. She just grabbed a belt, tied it around her waist, and made her favorite dress conform to her body.

Wear Short Skirts And Pointy-Toe Boots

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Lucy Williams is a director at Fashion Me Now. She’s also a petite woman who has battled over the years to find clothes which flatter her small frame. Things changed for Williams when she discovered how well short skirts and pointy-toe boots flattered her figure. The combination of bare legs and pointed boots help to draw the eye downwards, making her appear taller and slimmer. She pairs black boots with a black skirt and bag for an overwhelmingly sophisticated look. Yes, the skirt is short, but it’s still sophisticated.

Small Heels Make A Big Difference

If you’ve got an Eastbay coupon lying around, you might want to spend it on some heels. For petite women, even small heels can make a massive difference. The good news is that even if you’re not a lover of high heels, kitten heels are now back in fashion meaning that you’ve got way more options for work or doing odd jobs around the house.

Buy A Long Coat

Kim Kardashian’s figure is celebrated all over the world. But although her figure may have been enhanced, her height is not. For that reason, she can often be seen sporting a long coat. Long coats help her appear taller and instantly make any outfit look smarter. With a long coat, her silhouette also appears slimmer, giving her that hourglass look.

Go All Black

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Finally, if you’re stuck for what to wear, then the best advice is to choose all black. All black outfits are a classic go-to for shorter women, thanks to the fact that black trousers are great at giving the impression of height.

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