Everyday Golden Skincare Tips


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Keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy is an ongoing battle that you have to go through on a daily basis. But if you are willing to build good skincare habits into your regular routine, you will be rewarded with more youthful and vibrant looking skin throughout your life. Here are a few golden rules that you should be following if great skin is one of your main goals.

Buy Products Specific to Your Skin Type

With such a myriad of products on the market all promising fresher and brighter looking skin, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Try to choose products that are well suited to your skin type. For example, dry skin does not have the same needs as oily skin so check the bottle carefully. Treat any specific skin problems with appropriate solutions. For advice on removing skin tags, check out source: homeremedyshop. It is often a case of trial and error but when you find solutions that work, make sure to stick with them.

Pay Special Attention to Fragile Areas

Some parts of the face such as your eye contours or lips have particularly fine and fragile skin. These will need particular attention and care as they are sensitive areas, so check for products that are well suited to cleansing and looking after them. Be especially gentle around the eye contour skin as this can be ten times finer than the skin on the rest of the face.

Cleanse Gently

When you are going through the initial cleansing part of looking after your skin, start by removing any makeup. In order not to put any additional stress on your skin, maintain its natural balance by using a pH-neutral make-up remover. Your cleanser should be gentle enough that it removes any dirt or bacteria without causing any redness to your skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Remember to exfoliate your skin only once or twice a week so you don’t pile on any additional stress to it. Choosing a pH-neutral product will ensure that you smooth and purify the area while also maintaining its natural balance.

Moisturising is Key


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All good skincare routines should include regular moisturising. This is because the dermis consists of 70% water and the epidermis, 15%. Choose products that you will use on a daily basis in order to balance the water level in the skin. Another option is to use a moisturising mask which will help to give an even balance all over the skin. Choose moisturiser with an SPF factor so that you always have some sort of protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Avoid Any Excess Stress

Too much stress in your life can have seriously harmful effects on your skin. If you can’t tackle the causes of the stress directly, taking some time each day to relax by doing some yoga or taking a bubble bath should become part of your everyday routine. If you are calmer, then you are a lot less likely to suffer from skin breakouts.


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